Week 7 – Supercoach Life Maintenance

We are now at week 7! What a journey! You have now learnt to create goals, shift limiting belief systems, create powerful actions, know what your value and be savvy with your time to create an extraordinary new life!

This week I have summarized several key-coaching tools you can keep close by. They are your Supercoach® tools to be readily used whenever you need them!

You have all the tools you need to maximize your Reboot juicing experience in an easy to follow action packed coaching program! You can use these past few weeks to review past blogs in relation to this program and keep applying all the exercise and tools to keep you razor sharp and passionate in what you want in all areas of your new life!

Your toolbox
The Toolbox contains a variety of tools that you can use whenever and whereever. They will shift you to the next phase and help you overcome challenges you may find along the journey.

Daily journal writing
Make the commitment to write in your journal or notebook every day, not just on the day you do your tasks. It’s a great way to de-clutter your mind and soul before your day begins and your mind has a chance to take over. Give yourself the space to empty thoughts, feelings and words to clear your day for positive thoughts to come in.

Daily Affirmations
Self-talk is powerful: thoughts create your reality. The more your focus on something, the more chance you have of manifesting your desire. Telling yourself positive thoughts each day reinforces the change you want to take place. Try it out and watch what happens!

Thought-changing exercises
A great tool to be used whenever you feel stuck in a particular thought pattern. Writing out negative beliefs and transforming them into positive, healthy and uplifting beliefs attracts greater prosperity in all areas of life.

Daily visualization
The power of visualization is important if you want gain a strong sense of self and feel your dreams coming to fruition. Spend time each day visualizing your desires and imagine yourself in the scene.

Script writing
A tool to be used as often as needed, to help you get clear on how your want your life to look, with you playing the starring role in your chosen goals. Write out the event/situation/goal as though it has already happened in the present tense. Remember that thoughts create your reality so take control of your life; otherwise life will take control of you.

Review your goals
One of the most important tools in the toolbox. If you don’t know what you want, how do you know when you arrive there? Get clear on what you want and put an action plan in place to help you get there.

Listen to your intuition
Trust you. We all have a voice inside us that is our wise woman or wise man. She/he guides us, talks to us, heals us and protects us if we know how to listen to this part of ourselves. This voice is the voice of truth and higher guidance.

Creating space for change
In order for change to come you must create the space for it to occur. If you want a new wardrobe, wouldn’t you clean out your closet to make room for the new gear? Similar to clothes, your mind and soul need de-cluttering and detoxing so the new desires can come in. Clear out that old stuff that keeps you held to the past: this includes limiting beliefs and thoughts, routines, habits and situations that no longer serve you. You could shed kilograms’ worth of baggage and feel wonderful!

Bodywork for deeper unconscious issues
Embrace change. There may be times when you feel that past circumstances keep you locked into a negative cycle in thinking and behaving. Get extra support through professional therapists to help unlock hidden unconscious blocks.

Letting go and trusting the process
This behavior is crucial to in completing the program successfully. In order to create change you need to be able to let go off the past and trust the unknown. There is no magic crystal ball we can ask for advice, except to trust in who you are and what feels right for you.

Meditation and connecting with your spirituality
Whatever this version is for you. Find something that helps you anchor into your authentic essence.