Life Balance – 5 Quick Tips

By now you have clear goals and strategies to get to reach these goals. You have unlocked any roadblocks in the way, discovered a more balanced life and a more loving you. Learning balance is the final step in your transformation – building a structure and remedies that support the new you so you can maintain your magnificence and shine your light daily — because there is no one else like you in the world.

A balanced life feels right even when it’s busy. To maintain all the positive changes in your life that you have worked hard to transform over the last few days, weeks or months — however long it has taken you to work your way through this program — it’s important to live a life that inspires you, and to create a glorious space for it to blossom inside yourself and within your surroundings. There is no ‘right’ way to do this. There is your way and I urge you to take time to find what works for you.

There are so many people out there with diets and processes and activities that are all wonderful but they are not perfect for everyone. Rather than listening to other people, I encourage you to find food that works for your body, remedies that make you feel good and exercise that you love, and have as much as that in your day as you can. I really urge you to create a lifestyle that is not only best for you but one that you can sustain. It is not okay to only keep it up for four weeks and then go back to the old patterns — it has to be for life. It’s also important to have your treats, find treats that work for you and allow them when you need them.

Balance is also about giving and receiving. If you only ever give and you don’t allow yourself to receive, your life is going to be out of balance. If you are all or nothing, your life is going to be out of balance. Most of us are very good at giving but struggle with receiving, and that comes down to not feeling lovable, worthy enough, deserving of love, whatever story you’ve got going on. That’s where most people are out of balance and where they will flog themselves.

It’s important to remember that balance is different for everyone. What works for someone is not necessarily going to work for someone else. So the final feeling of being in balance or in the flow is the same, but how you get there will be different from how someone else gets there. If you’re feeling energetically depleted, if you’re sick all the time, if you feel stressed all the time, if you live in reaction all the time, clearly you are out of balance. So the questions you can ask yourself: ‘What do I need to do to bring my life back into balance?’

Here’s a quick, straightforward way to get a handle on your important values and help you maintain your hard-earned transformation. I use this exercise as a quick check-in to keep me on track.

1. Make a list of what is important to your life. Not what’s nice, but what must be in your life for you to be happy. It might be love, fascinating work, honesty or friends. When you finish your list go back over it and cut it in half. Now cut your list in half again. Repeat it until you have five or six words or phrases remaining. These are your critical values. Life will feel balanced when what you do revolves around and includes these values.

2.Passion. What do you love to do? What activities so capture your attention and energy that you lose track of time while doing them? Make a list of these activities and divide your list into groups based on the level of passion you feel while involved in them.

3.Strengths. We each have unique strengths and talents. Your combination of special skills, interests and inherent abilities make you unique. You have many competencies, but just a few unique strengths. When you utilize those few top strengths your life will feel balanced. Make a list of your strengths and read them each day and apply them each day in your life.

4.Say no. Many people find it hard to say no, so they end up taking on tasks that interfere with the important aspects of their lives and then they feel resentful and guilty. Learn to say no politely and firmly, simply saying, ‘I’m so sorry, I can’t take that on just now and give it the attention and energy it deserves. Thank you for thinking of me.’ Then recommend someone else who might be qualified to do the task.

5. Your energy levels. Review these areas of your life and decide what needs changing in order for you to feel the best you can feel. All of these things will affect your energy levels, which are important to maintain so all your good work keeps on working for you. A person on purpose who is happy and feels successful puts time aside for their health, for themselves, for learning and development and also values their energy so chooses things that support them and gives them a boost. Find as many things as you can that make you feel great.

Victoria x