Week 8 – BEING IN THE FLOW OF LIFE – The Waterfall Concept

You may have found some aspects of this short course confronting and difficult. You may even feel that you don’t yet have a life you love or a weight you desire for your body yet. And that’s okay, because you are working towards it. It doesn’t happen at the same pace for everyone.

I want to give you a tip on how you can recognise when you are living a life you love, because there won’t be any big banners in the sky or a special noise telling you that you have arrived at that life. There will, however, be what I call ‘the Waterfall Concept’.

The Waterfall Concept refers to the fact that people who are happy – people who love their lives – are in the flow. It’s impossible to tell you how the flow feels if you have not felt it. Once you have felt it though – once you have lived it – you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

This flow happens when we’re living in the present moment and unattached to life circumstances and how our prayers are to be answered. The secret is realising and viewing our universe as all loving and supportive; that opens doors within ourselves to receive the exact support we require in that moment. If we are not attached to the outcome, it allows us to receive the highest flow possible through spirit. Then things happen that we would have never imagined or ever thought possible.

Synchronicities are obvious indicators that we are living in the flow. We experience ourselves living a magical existence where everything we need just appears and the next step is obvious.

The key to being in the flow is how much we love, trust, have faith, meditate and allow ourselves to enjoy the life we have. Gratitude has a whole different energy to it than despair. Giving, caring, hoping, expecting, celebrating, and being passionate about something are energy generators. So are fear, anger, sadness, blame, and feeling like a victim. The difference in these energy generators is in what they are generating. Think and you shall create it. You will become what you think. Think and you will become it.

What we think and what we feel generate the energy that creates our future. If we are thinking positive thoughts and feeling good about our lives, and ourselves we are creating an energy force field that attracts good things to us. Depression, anger and despair also create a force field that attracts things to us. What most of us don’t realise is that we have a choice about the way we think and feel, and this also determines what we attract. When we put out a positive energy force field we attract one back.

So to create a magical life we need to become generators of positive energies. This may mean you have to start by accepting that things ‘are the way they are’ and that ‘we/they did the best we/they could at the time’. We can’t change the past, but we can change our attitude about it and shift our position about it.

A higher variational energy than acceptance is forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we have forgotten the things that caused us pain, but it means that we are ready to put them behind us and look towards the future instead of living one moment longer in the pain of the past. Carrying the pain of the past and negative feelings towards those who were involved when those feelings began is a sure way to stay stuck in the past and miss the flow that is just waiting to take us into a better future.

Living in the flow does not happen automatically. You have just done a whole lot of work to make yourself ready for it, and once you’re in it, you need to maintain it. On the days when you are lacking courage to live the life you love, don’t judge yourself or despair. Remember that a wonderful life doesn’t happen automatically –you will be working at this for the rest of your days. And there is no more important work for you to do than creating a life you love.

Signs you are in the flow:
• Life operates with more ease.
• You feel more balanced and centred.
• Stress doesn’t seem to affect you as greatly.
• You trust yourself more.
• When is external chaos is present you seem to glide through the situation.
• You have greater energy and vitality.
• You feel lighter and more vibrant.
• You have a glow in your face.
• You have better relationships.
• You achieve more effortlessly.
• Time management runs smoothly.
• You manifest your desires.
• You attract positive opportunities and situations

Signs you are not in the flow:
• Life appears more challenging.
• You feel stressed inwardly and outwardly.
• Daily life is irritating you.
• You don’t trust yourself.
• There appears to be more chaos in your life.
• Life does not flow.
• Everyday feels a struggle.
• You feel tired and lethargic.
• You may feel depressed and anxious.
• Your relationships appear more hard work.
• You don’t manifest joy and happiness in your daily life.
• You attract negative people and situations.

Being in the flow takes 5 steps:
1. Stop, observe and enquire what’s preventing the flow
a) Am I thinking negative thoughts?
b) Am I feeling depleted in my energy?
c) Am I letting fear lead the way?
d) Am I listening to my inner critic instead of my intuition?

2. Check in with your true self for guidance.

3. Take action that you trust is being called for.

4. Having faith, excitement and anticipation about what that action is leading you to.

5. Be grateful for the gifts it brings and all the gifts you have in your life right now.

Embrace your life!

Victoria x