Vanilla Cashew Bites

Not only are these treats sugar free but they are also a low carbohydrate snack with protein and healthy fats. These smart sweets are filling providing great satiety, which can reduce the likeliness of excess snacking. You can easily adjust the sweetness to your liking with the stevia or use an alternate sweetener such as […]

Smart Sweet: Gluten-Free Coco-Nut Seed Crunch

Satisfying, sweet, salty, crunchy and smooth is just an idea of what you may get when you bite into this! It’s a muesli/granola recipe that can be eaten like any muesli with a nut or coconut milk or with a dollop of coconut yogurt and/or some sliced fruit. This recipe is very moreish and you will love it! I love the crunchy texture that the cooking gives it.

Raw, Dairy-Free, Vegan Egg Nog

Egg nog is one of my favorite rich indulgences to enjoy over the holidays. It’s always been a holiday tradition with my family because my dad makes it every year and it is oh-so-tasty, but it is oh-so-loaded with heavy cream, alcohol and sugar. In the past I’ve always tried to stay away from it by buying store-bought “healthy” versions, but they never compare. So my goal this year was to make a healthier version that not only has nutritional benefits but also tastes like actual Egg Nog and is just as decadent and delicious as my dad’s version. This raw, dairy-free, vegan version was a success.

Smart Sweet: Apple Crumble with Ginger Ice “Cream”

I’m a firm believer that just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean we have to derail our healthy eating habits. Here is a dessert worth giving thanks for; it is a dessert the whole family will love and best of all, you won’t feel bad for serving! It contains fruit, healthy fats, warming spices and the most important ingredient for this holiday: love. Get the recipe!

Chocolate-Almond Crunch Cookie (Made from Almond Pulp!)

The beauty of making homemade almond milk is not only do you get a smooth, creamy dairy-free milk, but you also get almond PULP. The Breville Fountain Crush pushes the pulp out in a nice crumbly consistency making it a perfect base for a Smart Sweet. Get the recipe for these Chocolate-Almond Crunch Cookies.

Smart Sweet: Macadamia Date Cookies (2 ways!)

These are super easy to make, they can be eaten as a raw ball or as a cookie, these are great for kids (oh and adults too) as they are sweetened naturally with dried fruit which is high in calcium and iron. After they are cooled well they become chewy! ENJOY!