Cantaloupe Carrot Cocktail

I have always hated celery. I don’t like it cooked in stuffing, chopped up raw in salads, covered in peanut butter, and surely not in my juices! However, I received a bundle of it in my weekly CSA and decided to try it with cantaloupe and carrots and I really enjoyed this juice…celery and all!

In the Reboot Kitchen: Cinnaberry Smoothie

It’s hard to believe the two year anniversary of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’s NYC premier is here! Being part of Joe Cross’ amazing film has been one of the best experiences of my life. With friends & family in tow, we watched as this inspirational documentary hit the big screen. One of my favorite parts of the special evening was getting to hear The Kin play “Take in the Sunlight” live. You can “take in the sunlight” with this bright and refreshing smoothie. I’ll raise my smoothie glass to many more great years together with Team Reboot!

In the Reboot Kitchen: The Melon Shake

Rockmelon (Cantaloupe) is at the end of the season here in Australia but due to the extended warm weather there is an abundance of them. I love this fruit as it is light, refreshing, delicious and great in juices and smoothies! Cantaloupe season is coming soon to the Northern hemisphere so bookmark this smoothie if you are a cantaloupe lover!

Freshmade NYC’s After School Snacks of the Week

Freshmade NYC warmed the kids’ bellies this week with delicious muffins packed with their favorite orange veggies (carrots and butternut squash) and topped them with a mouthwatering coconut whipped cream. They finished their afternoon by washing the muffins down with a super smoothie. Check out the recipes.