Start Getting Ready for Summer Now (Here’s How)

Spring is in full force with flowers blooming, erratic weather patterns offering a wild mix of sunny days and downpours, and temperatures gradually increasing.  Now that warmer weather and summer sun is just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start feeling light, fresh and energetic.  No need to wait for June’s official start to summer; the time to start is now!


Follow these tips to  get ready for summer.

  1. April showers, bring May flowers (for your body).

    Getting more water into your body now, day to day, is a key behavior for promoting healthy metabolism, energy levels and glowing skin. We often overlook how important hydration is to our health. If you’re that person who is eating healthy, exercising and still can’t lose weight, start by drinking more water.  You’ll be surprised how great you’ll feel!

  2. Pass the plants, please.

    Load up your plate, bowl and glass with as many plants as possible.  With spring bloom comes fresh herbs and more produce available at the market and grocery stores.  While your local produce may still be on its way, look for domestic and sometimes organic.  The more colorful, vibrant fruits and veggies you eat and drink, the better you can feel while trimming down that waistline.

  3. Set reminders.

    Take your leftover New Year’s Resolution or wish list for weight loss and turn it into day to day action. Stop feeling like you “should,” and get to doing.  Whether it’s a reminder to drink water, eat lunch, grab veggies for a snack or go to the store, making your to-do list more automated can help you turn these goals into reality.  It’s hard to ignore your phone’s pesky alarm; it can be that friendly nudge in the healthier direction that’s missing.

  4. Enjoy the rainbow.

    Spring’s beautiful array of bright, vibrant colors – in houseplants, flowers and vegetables and fruits, not only brighten up a rainy April day, but they can bring a wealth of immune supportive nutrients to your body.  Eating the rainbow is key for optimal wellness, because each color family boasts unique yet equally important phytonutrients that can help ward off colds and promote glowing skin. Start building in a fresh juice to your breakfast or snack each day.

  5. Take advantage of a beautiful day.

    Winter may have left an impression in your couch but now it’s time to get off your backside and start moving around.  When the weather allows, get outside to walk.  Try to do as many errands as possible by foot. If you can’t get to your destination in a reasonable amount of time from your house, pick a central location to park and walk to as many shops as you can safely access.  Try watching Netflix or listening to upbeat music while walking on your treadmill or trying this 24-Minute-No-Equipment-Needed workout .  Keep your mind and your body active to help rev up metabolism and reap its slimming effects.

  6. Keep up that vitamin D.

    While sunny days may be getting more prevalent, if you have a diagnosed Vitamin D deficiency or live in a northern region, you most likely need to continue your Vitamin D supplements year round.  Vitamin D is important for overall health including mood, fighting fatigue, muscle cramps, bone health and may be cancer preventive. You may be able to decrease your dose of D in the summer, but check with your doctor and dietitian.

  7. Give your skin a makeover from the inside out, and the outside in.

    Natural food-based skin care is where it’s at.   While eating more fruits, vegetables and plant based foods can help promote glowing skin, getting some of those same ingredients onto your skin may also leave you looking gorgeous.  If you have skin issues, watch for food sensitivities to gluten and dairy, and do your best to avoid processed foods.  Being well hydrated helps too.  Read here for more tips on creating your own edible skin care at home.

  8. Don’t go it alone.

    Frigid temperatures and very dark afternoons often leave us in a rut of work/school then straight home.  Socializing is key for weight loss, which may sound surprising because these events typically revolve around food and drink and not always the super healthy types.  Rather than embark on a summer svelte plan all by yourself, get the power of community by joining forces with other like-minded individuals seeking wellness. And an expert coach to guide you.  Our Guided Reboot programs pick up strong in Spring as a great way to make that transition from sluggish winter to energetic summer.

  9. Do your wellness homework.

    Homework and preparedness is part of any solid plan. Summer offers access to many opportunities for wellness, but without planning properly, these often pass us by:.

    • Map out before or after dinner walks with your spouse, partner, neighbor or friend. Plan for catching up on your day over a stroll around the town lake rather than on the patio with a glass of wine.  Get these social/fitness sessions locked into your calendar now.
    • Take a look and identify locations, days and times for Farmers’ Markets so you can get that built into your reminder schedule we discussed in Tip #3. Local produce is often higher in nutrients and tastes the best!
    • Seek out weekend warrior sports. Whether it’s a hike, trail run, bike ride or water activity like paddle boarding, kayaking, rowing or canoeing, scheduling Saturday or Sunday outdoor fun days is a great way to keep fit and experience the beauty of the season.
  10. Spring clean your kitchen and pantry.

    Window washing, scrubbing the floor, wiping out the refrigerator shelves are all spring cleaning tasks that feel great. Taking a deep dive into dust or dirt that’s built up can be empowering.  Just think how amazing it will feel to purge your kitchen cabinets, spice rack, fridge, freezer and pantry of any foods that don’t fit with your “Get Ready for Summer” wellness plan!  Here’s a step-by-step guide:

    1. Toss anything potentially rancid – sniff spice jars, trail mix, cereal, oil. Store nuts, oil, spices in a cool, dark location.  With summer coming, make a plan and arrange your cabinets as needed.
    2. Donate unopened boxes and bags of crackers, chips, cookies, chocolate and candy to a local food shelter, senior living or community center or offices and churches that collect and send items to our military troops. Ice cream and unopened refrigerated items can also be donated to many food pantries.
    3. IF you can’t get these out of your house without causing an uproar by your spouse or kids, look into getting a separate freezer in the basement or identify one cabinet to hold these items.
    4. Restock now that you’ve got a clean cupboard, stock your shelves with healthy items, like these 10-Must Have Springtime Pantry Staples and healthy food staples to have on hand.

Let’s get ready for summer!!