Should A Reboot Be On Your Resolution List?

Ahh, New Year’s Resolutions! It’s not even Christmas and we’re already thinking ahead to planning our greatest and best year yet for 2017.  Health, wellness and weight loss goals are typically top of the list for most of us, especially after an overindulgent fall holiday season.

Go beyond the super crowded gym January 2nd and start to map out how 2017 will really be the year you get your health back on track, and keep it there.  Making specific goals and planning ahead are key behaviors for success.

Despite all the good cheer of the holiday season, it can leave you feeling fatigued, headachy, foggy brain, with bad skin or digestive upset.

Should a Reboot be on your resolution list?  Yes, absolutely!  Here’s why:

  1. Flood your body with plant-based nutrients. Yup, this is one key reason why juicing can be so healthy.   Think juicing is just another fad full of myths?  Read here to see which myths are true and which are busted.
  1. Feel secure within boundaries. Knowing that only fruits and veggies are on the menu for a defined period of time helps with saying “no thanks” or “not right now” to temptation.  Sometimes what you’re not eating and drinking can be as important for health as what you are.
  1. The foundation of wellness lies in more than plant foods. Emphasize making time and opportunity for physical activity, like walking or the Reboot Movement Method which can fit into your everyday life, no matter what level you’re starting out at.
  1. Stress management and mindfulness. We often forget just how crazed our daily lives have become, until we hit the wall with lack of energy, snap in anger over insignificant things or flat out want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers. Among Rebooters, depression is the second most common health issue that people indicate as a concern, with overweight/obesity being the first.  Reboots not only address our body but within the Guided Reboot your coach focuses on effective mindfulness and stress management strategies, which are essential not only for mental wellness but also maintaining a healthy weight.
  1. A healthy dose of community and support. Proper support is just what the doctor ordered for this New Year. In order for healthy changes to be long term lifestyle behaviors and not a quick fix that fizzles as we hit February, it really does take a village.  Studies show that isolation can hinder oxytocin, our hormone responsible for feeling connected. Oxytocin is now thought to play a role in appetite and weight regulation.  Reboot is all about connections and community.

Ready to Reboot?

In the spirit of effective resolutions, plan ahead and transition in.  This can help you get the most out of your experience and tone down any bumps in the road from making such a drastic change to your diet.

If you’d like extra support, education and an enthusiastic, knowledgeable coach, the Guided Reboot programs may be exactly what you need.  We offer 15 or 30 day plans as well as specialized 60 day plans for those with diabetes or thyroid conditions.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017!