A Healthier Happy Hour: Everything You Need to Know

If a holiday party is on the agenda in the next few weeks, consider these tips and recipes to make your happy hour a healthy one. Many fancy bars and restaurants incorporate fresh juice into their cocktails, and guess what? You can too! Serving fresh holiday juices and smoothies is a fun way to bring a healthy flare to parties that are typically, not so healthy. You’ll have new flavors that will please even the pickiest palates. And don’t be afraid to bring a big batch of fresh juice if you’re a guest at a party. You can sip on it as a virgin cocktail, or bring a bottle of liquor to give it a little zing!

Whether you plan on drinking alcohol this holiday season or not, follow these tips (and recipes) for your healthy, holiday happy hour.

1.)  Jump for Joyful Juices 
Your holiday party can include theses Reboot favorite festive drinks without any alcohol (or add it in, it’s up to you!). By incorporating fresh juices in your cocktail hour, you’ll be flushing your body with phytonutrients keeping you energized and glowing – all of the guests will be wondering what you do for your skincare. If you decide to add in alcohol, you’ll lose some of those health benefits, but mixing rum with juice is much better than mixing rum with soda.

Here are a few favorite holiday juices you can enjoy with or without the alcohol:
Harvest Cinnamon Spice Juice
Elf Juice

2.)  Sip on Seasonal Smoothies
Seasonal smoothies not only get you in the holiday spirit, but they fill you up on nutrients to prevent you from picking at the endless appetizers that fill a room at most cocktail parties. They also help to satisfy a sweet tooth. The dates in these holiday smoothies help satisfy sweet cravings while maintaining steady blood sugar levels and loaded with fiber. Add a little cinnamon or ginger to give it some holiday flare.

Here are some of the most delicious holiday smoothies to enjoy:
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie
Vegan Hot Chocolate

3.)  Feel Better with Bitters
With extra holiday food, you may notice your digestion getting a little sluggish this time of year. One way to boost your system is to use bitters before juicing to help spark your digestive fire and ensure your system can process and assimilate juice. “When your body tastes the bitter flavor, it stimulates a whole range of digestive actions that are key to cleanly breaking down and absorbing food and nutrients,” said Lexie Donovan of Urban Moonshine. Donovan recommends ingesting the bitters before you drink the juice rather than adding bitters to your juice. You can also add a few splashes of it or any other flavor of bitters to sparkling water for a festive “mocktail” if you are on a Reboot. Or try bitters to enhance the flavor of any holiday cocktail. You can find a variety of bitters online or at some specialty food shops. You can usually find Angostura in the beverage or condiment aisle of your grocery store.
Here are two amazing cocktails or “mocktails” to keep you healthy all season long:
Apple Toddy
Cold & Flu Elixir

4.)  Warm up for the Winter
Drinking juice during cold weather can be challenging for some people because it can make you even colder! If you want to stick to your daily green juice regimen without freezing your socks off, try adding one or more of the following spices next time your sip:
Clove spice