In the Reboot Kitchen: Choc-Hazelnut Smoothie

Chocolate and hazelnut is a classic combo because it offers the perfect balance of salty, sweet and decadent. That familiar and delicious flavor inspired my smoothie for this week…a Choco-Hazelnut Smoothie! It’s naturally high in fiber with all the wonderful benefits of raw cacao powder. Raw cacao is high in anti-oxidants and magnesium which can be one of the fabulous reasons why women may crave chocolate before a period as we need extra magnesium before and during a period. Great excuse I say!

This recipe can be thick due to the high-fiber pulp remaining in the smoothie, if you prefer a thinner smoothie you can sieve out the pulp after you blend the nuts and the water together with a cheese cloth or nut milk bag or you can add extra water. You can also juice the hazelnuts in a Breville Fountain Crush and it comes out as creamy Hazelnut Milk. Don’t have a Breville Fountain Crush? No problem! Enter to win one today. We are giving away one a day for 60 days (23 more to go!)


  • ¼ cup (135 g) hazelnuts (soaked overnight in water – optional)
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup of ice
  • 4-5 fresh dates
  • 2 tsp raw cacao powder
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • Pinch of cinnamon


  1. Blend the hazelnuts and water in a blender at high speed.
  2. Remove the seeds from the dates.
  3. Add remaining ingredients & blend until smooth, about 45 – 60 seconds.
  4. Serve and enjoy.

Servings: 1

Serving Size: 16 oz (500 ml)


  • Hazelnut– macadamia, cashews, almonds
  • Water – coconut water, ice
  • Dates – maple syrup, honey, stevia, agave syrup
  • Coconut oil – flaxseed oil/meal

Calories: 410

Fat: 27 g

Trans Fat: 7 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 10 mg

Carbohydrates: 42 g

Fiber: 9 g

Sugars: 29 g

Protein: 8 g