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Down 85 Pounds, Martin Now Inspires 7 People a Week to Start A Reboot

“I was laying in bed late one night, my breathing was laboured, I was on statins, blood pressure tablets gout tablets, taking kelp for an underactive thyroid and anti depressants. I was now desperate to change, but couldn’t find the strength to do so. Then on Netflix I stumbled across Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I was hooked. Seeing how Joe and Phil lost so much weight, I was desperate to try it. There was one issue though. I hated vegetables, and wasn’t keen on fruit either. Still I had to try it.” Read Martin’s amazing story.

How I Regained My Inner Superman After A Sedentary Desk Job Destroyed It

I tried a couple of things with limited results…I kept slipping right back into my old comfort zone after losing a few kilos. One June evening a friend said he had a documentary that I absolutely must watch, he said the moment he saw it he just thought of me (the similarities were that I was once an avid sportsman and I also used to often go through 2 pizzas. …not slices whole pizzas just as Joe mentioned). I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and immediately I knew what I had to do.

I Learned I Had the Will Power to Lose 182 Pounds

On July 5, 2013 I started my Reboot weighing in at 402 lbs/1852 kg! I combined what Joe did along with my workout regimen and in 60 days I lost 80 lbs/36 kg. I stopped lifting weights and went to all cardio. I would do at least 60 mins of cardio. I started doing 30 mins on the elliptical machine until I worked myself up to an hour. I then moved from elliptical to jogging, to jump-roping, to seated row, to stair stepper to a combo of all of them. I kept going from that point on. I would eat, then juice until I reached whatever goal I had at the moment. On March 10, 2014 my official weigh in was 220 lbs/100 kg for a total of 182 lbs/83 kg lost.

Finding the ‘Fabulous Fatties’ Saved My Life

“The most exciting change in my health – besides losing so much weight – is that the night before I began juicing, I injected 105 units of insulin before bed. Three months later, I went off insulin completely. Now, I’m down to 1 Metformin a day instead of 5 and by the end of this Reboot, I’ll be off of it altogether…My lifeline is the community here and I am in contact with my support network daily. No-one ever has to be alone here, and for that, I am forever indebted.” Read more about Kate’s drastic weight loss journey.

Four Diseases Gone, 45 Pounds Lighter

“I had a blood test just 4 weeks after I started my first Reboot and 7 previously abnormal results were back to normal. I had asthma for around 40 years, high cholesterol, high uric acid and gout. The most remarkable thing is that they have all gone now and I am no longer on any medication. I am hoping that none of them come back but I have every reason to be optimistic. My wife and others keep telling me I look younger so I guess that says something.” Read Andy’s full Reboot Success Story.

Camp Reboot Changed My Life

“Going to Camp Reboot has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in a very long time. It has given me a purpose and a new drive in my life. Meeting the amazing new friends and family I now have that I can call on whenever I am weak. There are not enough words to explain the feelings I have. I am tearing up as I sit here typing this.” Read Lou’s full story on his experience during and after Camp Reboot.

How I Melted Away Physical and Mental Weight

“Let me start by saying I have always been aware of health & healthy eating & exercise coming from a vegetarian upbringing right from birth. Over the years though I have struggled with emotional eating & consequently my weight has yo-yoed more than once to various degrees.” Read Karen’s journey to find out how she gained control of her life.

From Bullied To Biking: My Journey to a 200 Pound Lighter Me

“Starting in 3rd grade I can remember being bigger than all the other kids. But then as the years passed I continued to get larger and larger. By the time I was in Junior High, the bullying began. I started learning to not be noticed, to sit in the back of class and keep quiet. Whenever I was picked on or made fun of, my self-defense mechanism was to just “laugh” with them, so that it would appear to be all in good fun. My fight with diets started in high school.” Read my full journey from the time I was bullied to now being able to bike to yoga.

Shannon Loses Weight, Gains Energy & Craves Healthy Foods

Shannon Reboots for 60 days and loses 37 pounds/17 kilos, but her favorite aspect of her Reboot wasn’t about what she lost, but more about what she gained in energy and new cravings for healthy foods. Read her full story.

Two 5 Day Reboots Transformed Cenk’s Life Forever

“I was suffering from insulin resistance, and tried several dietitians that costs tons of money. I was trying to work out, and never saw any visible impact on me. I was suffering from dermatitis, which caused rashes on my skin. I also didn’t eat enough veggies, but after watching the film, I thought, hey, I can try drinking them. I don’t know why, but the idea of drinking green veggies had an immediate impact on me. Some kind of magical touch reached out to me.” Read Cenk’s full Reboot journey.

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