Crissy Has Thrilling Reboot Results

Crissy was on a journey of renewal. Working as a peer support specialist, and in recovery from drugs and alcohol, she was working out five days a week to stay fit.

Watching Joe’s movie was the catalyst that moved her to try her first 10 Day Reboot, and she even inspired her niece to join her! She now shares her journey with everyone she meets and says we need to talk more about change.


Crissy Austin Fernley, NV DIY 10-Day Plan

My Results:

  • I lost 10 pounds*
  • My energy is soaring
  • I’ve inspired my niece to Reboot
  • Life is amazing!

I am currently working as a peer support specialist in the substance abuse field and in September 2018 I will be a CADC Intern (substance abuse counselor). I am a person in recovery from drugs and alcohol and have four years sober.

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I like to sky dive, scuba dive, and zip line… I go to the gym five days a week and weight train to stay fit. I have lots of tattoos and more to come.

I love life and choose to be happy most days because life is way too short. I want to live it, not survive it anymore.

I have been slowly cutting things out and changing the way I eat with the hope of going to a whole food plant-based diet. When I saw Joe’s movie, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” it gave me the motivation to do the 10 Day Reboot on my own.

It’s way easier than I ever dreamed

The biggest surprise was that it was much easier to do than I thought it would be, and I just don’t need to eat as much as I thought I did.

The first time I was going out of town to visit a friend, I thought it would be hard to be able to continue doing the juice and veggies only thing, but it was not hard at all. It is just a matter of making the decision and not wavering from my plan.

My niece joined me in transformation

I inspired my niece, Krissy, to join me in a Reboot. She ended up losing 50 pounds, and she looks great!*

I now eat a plant-based diet and feel AWESOME! I am now vegetarian for sure, and almost totally vegan. I have never felt better and the plan is to keep it up.

What I tell others who ask me about Rebooting

I talk to everyone I know about doing a Reboot, and I say that for me it was a process.

I tell them to just start adding juice to their diet at first. I also recommend cutting down the amount of animal products they eat before starting because it is really hard for people to wrap their head around a straight juice reboot.

I have had a few followers, and even if they just add juice to their diet, they are amazed at the weight loss and how much better they feel.

I feel like nothing will change if we don’t start talking about the problems food cause and the way we eat won’t change without dialog. So, I tell everyone what I’m doing because America is killing itself and it won’t change if we aren’t talking about that change!