It Tastes Just Like Berry Pie

Berry Pie

There are 3 different berries in this smoothie, so it is loaded with concentrated antioxidants! I also added in the superfood lucuma which adds a lovely creamy taste to the smoothie, reminding me of the beautiful flavors of a homemade berry pie.

Rich & Creamy Red Velvet Smoothie

Red Velvet Smoothie

This is a creamy red velvet chocolate smoothie — perfect for you to make for your honey on Valentine’s Day (or for yourself of course). It’s also perfect for those days when all you want is chocolate but also want to consume wholesome goodness! Get the recipe for this nutrient-dense, delicious and decadent smoothie.

Fire Engine Red Smoothie

Fire Engine Red Smoothie

The vibrant red color in this smoothie means it is extremely full of antioxidants! These very special compounds found in pomegranates are called punicalagins. Find out what they are good for and get the recipe.