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In the Reboot Kitchen: Kool Kiwi

I think I’ve found a new go-to drink to enjoy this summer. It’s refreshing, sweet and slightly tangy. I decided to experiment with kiwi since it’s a fruit I typically don’t add to my juices. But after tasting this juice I just may start to add it more often, especially during the summer. Another bonus is a kiwi contains almost twice the amount of vitamin C than an orange. They’ve also been known to be good for digestion, respiratory issues, cleansing and energizing.

In the Reboot Kitchen: Bright Light Green

New to juicing? Or looking for an easy, light juice that has the benefits of those stronger green juices? Well, you might love this. It’s a nice alternative to the stronger flavored green juices and it’s ideal for people that may find the darker green juices too strong to drink, especially when you are just starting out. Get the light and refreshing green juice recipe.

Meatless Monday: Avocado Caprese Salad

When the weather warms up, there’s nothing more satisfying than biting into fresh heirloom tomatoes from the farmer’s market. They’re rich in vitamins C & K, potassium, folate, and when organically grown, they tend to be higher in lycopene. I love to get creative and come up with ways to eat more heirloom tomatoes, and one of my go-to’s is an Avocado Caprese Salad. Once you see how simple it is, you’ll know that it didn’t take too much creativity for this but it is one of my favorite meals to make, especially when I don’t have much time on my hands.

Mixed Berry Maca Protein Shake

With Father’s Day on Sunday, why don’t you serve him something that will keep him healthy, strong and happy on his big day? The plant based protein in this smoothie is easily absorbed by the body while the berries provide high quality antioxidants. The coconut oil is great for cardiovascular health and adds a quality fat to an early morning smoothie. Chia seeds are a great source of fiber and omega 3 fats while the maca powder helps balance hormones and is great for prostate health.

Raw Curry Cauliflower Soup

When you’re not in the mood to cook, but still want to enjoy a healthy and hearty meal, then whip up this soup in only minutes. It’s perfect for any time of year. Serve warm or cool and be satisfied with some of the healthiest nutrients, spices and herbs.

In the Reboot Kitchen: Get Your Greens Smoothie

Bring on the green! I normally start my day with a big green juice — my favorite is the Morning Green Glory — but sometimes I change it up and decide to place everything I typically throw into a juicer into my blender. And it is just as delicious! Get the recipe for the Get Your Greens Smoothie.

In the Reboot Kitchen: Dad’s Day OJ

Father’s Day is right around the corner so show your Dad how much you care by making this nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory and metabolism boosting Orange Juice to help boost his golf game, get him ready for his next 5K run or just simply move with less aches and pains. Get the recipe and make Dad feel special.

Meatless Monday: Healthy Vegan San Choi Bau (Lettuce Wraps!)

Looking for an easy appetizer, side dish or light meal full of vegetable goodness? The crunchy texture of the water chestnuts with the lightly cooked crunchy vegetables make this dish a perfect addition to your Meatless Monday. Get the recipe.

In the Reboot Kitchen: Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie

Smoothies are one of my favorite, quick, easy and super healthy breakfasts to help get my family out the door on time in the mornings. Last night we ate sweet potatoes with our dinner so I saved one to use in this morning’s smoothie. This creamy and nourishing smoothie is packed with nutrients that are perfect for supporting an active lifestyle or for post-workout.

Black Bean-Mango Salad

Tropical foods were the topic of discussion at Freshmade NYC’s last Kids Dinner Club class (ages 3 to 5) so they couldn’t resist making a tropical salad! The kids loved it because it was colorful with a touch of sweetness thanks to the mango. Get the recipe!

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Watermelon Basil Fresca

Watermelon-Basil Agua Fresca

Posted on09/16/14

Written by Jody Paglia Tanzman, RD,LDN,CLC

Perhaps you are like me and you had a bumper crop of basil this year (and are tired of making pesto to use it all up!). Or you are looking for a refreshing drink to make the summer linger even as autumn moves in. Look no further than this watermelon-basil agua fresca!

Mighty Mint & Carrot Juice

Refresh Your Workout (A Juice Recipe!)

Posted on09/15/14

Written by Isabel Smith, MS, RD

This mighty juice has a zesty yet refreshing flavor and is packed with easy-to-find ingredients that you may already have on hand. I used this juice as a post-run nutrient-packed recovery juice this weekend. Although it’s getting chillier up here in the northeast, a good workout will still give you a good sweat and that means lost electrolytes, but this juice replenishes you!