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Ask the Nutritionist

7 Green Superfoods for Super Energy

When I think of Spring I think of energy! Spring time is full of sunshine, hope, renewal and eagerness for the warmer, longer days ahead. It’s also a time when fresh, local produce starts to bloom. Here are my top 8 energizing foods that are vibrant and packed with nutrients to enjoy this season.

8 Most Common Rebooting Questions Answered

As a Guided Reboot Coach, many Rebooters often ask me the same or similar questions during their Reboot. Whether you’re doing a Reboot on your own, or are part of a Guided Reboot, use these questions and answers to help you navigate your own personal Reboot journey.

9 Fascinating Health Tips from around The World

April 7th is World Health Day, so to celebrate we want to share some healthy eating, living, and stress-reduction tips from around the world. Use these tips to make your everyday a little bit healthier.

9 Rebooting Symptoms & Why You Get Them

Many people will experience what is commonly known as ‘detoxification symptoms’ in the initial stages of the Reboot. This can occur from 1 to 3 days and up to 2 weeks, and is very dependent on many variables of your lifestyle, but the plus side is you can combat these symptoms. Learn what those symptoms are and why you might get them!

Kick Bad Habits to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

March has been designated the National Kidney Month to raise awareness about the prevention and early detection of kidney disease. In the U.S. kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death with more than 20 million people are suffering with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Find out what helps prevent this prevalent disease.

Take Your Body on Its Own Spring Break

When we think of spring break, images of trips to sunny Florida beaches, amusement parks with kids or late night college parties may come to mind. Instead of spending this year’s spring break waiting for the wine-induced headache to clear, consider this time of renewal as an opportunity to take charge of your health.

Everything You Need to Know about Electrolytes

Consuming enough electrolytes is an important part of any Reboot plan but I often get asked where can I get them? So here’s a break down of everything you need to know about electrolytes, where they come from, when to consume them, and our favorite juices to keep you full of them!

7 Healthy Oils & How to Use Them

It’s widely known that fat is an important part of a healthy diet, and that certain fats like mono and polyunsaturated fats can play a role in heart health, managing inflammation, and with fat-soluble vitamin absorption. Though we know how important healthy fats are, it can often be a challenge to pick the right kind of fat or oil and know the best way to use it. Use these tips to pick the right oil for salads, juices, cooking, and even your skin!

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