Ask the Nutritionist

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Curb Your Picky Eating Habits

The picky eater’s club… it’s not just for kids. Here's how to work on your (or your loved ones') food phobias.

Insulin Resistance, Blood Sugar and Weight Management

One chemical process has a profound effect on our weight: insulin and insulin sensitivity.

Kombucha and Kefir: The Next Superfoods?

You maybe have seen kombucha and kefir in stores. They’re the latest hot health-food items, but what are they, and are they worth trying?

Low-Testosterone: What You Can Do

"Low-T" supplements are all the rage on late-night TV, but let's take a look at the causes of low testosterone, and how we can use food to supplement a healthy sex drive.

Juicing for Thyroid Health and Weight Loss

Your thyroid gland has vast influence on your metabolism, but you can still lose weight even if you're dealing with an underactive thyroid.

Goitrogens and Thyroid Conditions: Risk or Rubbish?

Certain raw foods may have the ability to disrupt thyroid function. Here's out take on what foods to eat, and what to avoid.

What Happens When We Don’t Exercise?

We all know that exercise is important, but what are the risks if we don't incorporate moderate exercise into our routine?

The Power of Permission: How it Can Help You Stay on Track

Loosening the demands we make on ourselves can free us to move forward and find success. It's called the power of permission.

10 Reboot Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We often talk about what you should do when Rebooting but we rarely discuss what NOT to do and what common slip-ups can derail your efforts.

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