Ask the Nutritionist

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How to Get Motivated for 2017

What's stopping you from achieving your New Year's resolutions? Discover ways to get — and stay — motivated, so this 2017 is your best year ever.

7 Foods to Fight Dry Skin This Winter

Wintertime is the pits for our skin. Help your skin stay moisturized and soft with the help of these recommendations. 

9 Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

Here are a few healthy holiday survival tips to take with you this season to keep your health in check.

Try a Lightened-Up Version of Spanakopita

Traditional spanakopita is loaded with cheese and encased in pastry. This version is way better for you — and a great way to get your greens!  

Why Do Nutritionists Love Maple Syrup?

This sweetener has four big health benefits — plus, it's quite delicious.

12 Natural Remedies for a Sore Throat

Get relief from the pain and discomfort of a sore throat with these simple — but effective — natural cures.

The Benefits of Potassium

Discover why this electrolyte is such an important nutrient for good health.

Why the Holiday Season Is the Perfect Time to Start Meditating

It's the perfect time to start a new habit — and you'll really appreciate the benefits of meditating daily.

Keep Up with Healthy Habits During the Holiday Season

Follow these tips to stay in control and feel great this holiday season.

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