Ask the Nutritionist

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Stop Late Night Snacking For Good

Can't stop snacking at night? Find out how to break the cycle.

Mineral Alert: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Selenium

Selenium is an important essential trace mineral and you may be missing out on it if you’re not eating enough of the right foods.

The Top 5 Factors That Might Be Making You Sick

Do you catch every cold? Your body might not be getting what it needs to thrive.

Tips for Preparing Breakfast the Night Before

Use these strategies to wake up to a healthy breakfast every morning. Plus, check out eight yummy make-ahead breakfast options.

What to Eat to Get Over a Cold, Fast

If you've got a cold this winter, turn to these eight foods to recover quickly.

9 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

It's not too late! Here are nine great goals to set for this upcoming year.

How to Get Motivated for 2017

What's stopping you from achieving your New Year's resolutions? Discover ways to get — and stay — motivated, so this 2017 is your best year ever.

7 Foods to Fight Dry Skin This Winter

Wintertime is the pits for our skin. Help your skin stay moisturized and soft with the help of these recommendations. 

9 Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

Here are a few healthy holiday survival tips to take with you this season to keep your health in check.

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