Ask the Nutritionist

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Here’s Why It’s Important to Drink the Rainbow

Should you only drink the Green Mean during your 60-day Reboot? Find out why drinking a variety of veggies and fruits is recommended.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar on a Daily Basis

See how to use nature's miracle worker for health and household solutions.

Grill These Vegetables Before Summer Ends

Local, seasonal produce tastes delicious, and also has a high concentration of vital micronutrients. Here are the five best vegetables to throw on the grill before the end of summertime.

7 Juice Ingredients That Support Specific Healthy Purposes

Interested in decreasing inflammation? Eager to boost endurance? Find out what ingredients to include in your juice to promote these specific health benefits and more.

13 Common Factors That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals

If it feels like you're doing everything right, but still can't lose weight, make sure you're not inadvertently hindering your own weight-loss goals.

A Conversation About Inflammation with a Reboot Nutritionist

We interviewed Reboot's nutrition expert to share more details of the the brand-new Anti-Inflammation 30-Day Guided Reboot. Abigail share why inflammation — known as the silent killer — is such a problem, and how juicing can help.

6 Eating Habits to Follow for Beautiful, Glowing Skin

Fancy serums and creams may do a lot — but it's the nutrients you ingest that make the biggest difference to your skin.

5 Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are jam-packed with nutrients, low in calories and provide powerful health benefits, including supporting bone health, lowering high cholesterol and much more.

6 Tips for Drinking Booze Without Gaining Weight

It doesn't have to be all or nothing — we've got lots of ideas for how you can enjoy drinks without all the calories.

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