Ask the Nutritionist

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5 Essential Oils for Allergy Relief

There are many remedies for allergies, and we're adding another to your list. Here are five powerful essential oils that offer natural relief.

9 Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Unfortunately, there's a lot of conflicting information about nutrition, some of it is backed with the latest research while others are old myths that won’t die! If you tell someone that you’re trying to lose weight, you will probably be inundated with tips, tricks and facts so here are 9 weight loss myths that you should ignore.

3 Budget-Friendly Tips from My Cheap Reboot

Sticker shock is relatively common when it comes to Rebooting. But Rebooting doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Here are 3 easy tips to save your money.

9 Natural Ways to Ease the Acid Reflux Burn

Acid reflux… ouch! It’s that burning, upset stomach feeling that just won’t go away, and it usually comes at an inconvenient time. Here are the tips to prevent it.

Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Here's something you've probably heard on repeat: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Find out if it holds true.

7 Really Good Non-Dairy Ice Creams

Today is National Ice Cream Day, so of course we are celebrating. And you can too without paying a visit to your local ice cream shop. You can have your own ice cream celebration right in your kitchen with our favorite dairy-free recipes.

10 Integrative Health Therapies Worth Knowing

Integrative medicine is meant to look at the whole person as an approach for optimal care. Here are 10 ways you can improve your health with holistic therapies.

How Ginger Helps Your Gut (+ 11 More Ways it’s Good for You)

News flash! There's a big reason why so many of our juices contain ginger. Find out why it's a top ingredient on the list.

Move Over Meat! Here’s 18 Sources of Protein from Plants

“Protein can only be found in animal based sources, right?” Nope! Plants contain protein too! Here are 18 plant foods that provide a high dose of protein.

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