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Ask the Nutritionist

8 Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients to Eat Now

Inflammation is at the root of many chronic diseases, and in most cases is increased by the way we live our lives, our behaviors, and what we eat. Eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods can help. Here are 8 important nutrients to fill up on.

The Smarter Way to Approach Your Next Meal

A few months back, butter made the cover of Time magazine. This once demonized ingredient thought to be at the root of our drastic rise in heart disease and other illnesses, is in comparison to other culprits, like margarine, being redeemed as not so bad after all. In other words, less of something real is better for you than more (or frankly, any) of something fake. Read on to reconsider how you sit down to your next meal.

13 Reasons to Pass on Plastic

When you’re purchasing your juice or smoothie at a local juice bar it likely comes in a plastic cup. When you pick up a salad at your local salad bar, it likely comes in a plastic container. When you bring leftovers home, it likely comes in plastic. We live in a world of plastic. Find out why that’s not good.

Not All Sugar is Created Equal

If you’re wondering if you should be concerned about the occasional high sugar content in fresh juices and in some fruits and vegetables, let’s clear things up.

What Your Outsides Say about Your Insides

Maybe you’ve been spying white dots on your fingernails, or your hair is just not as lustrous looking as it used to be. Ever wonder what your skin, nails and hair can tell you about your health and nutrition status? Read on to find out what your outward appearance says about you.

11 Reasons to Get Peachy this Month

Get peachy this month by eating your peaches for National Peach Month. We have 11 reasons why you’ll be heading to the farmers’ market to purchase them.

Drink Your Water (Here’s Why)

Water is essential to all life on the planet and is vital for nearly every metabolic function in the human body.  Water makes up a large part of the body by volume and weight. The average human is approximately 65% water. Find out why water is so important on a Reboot and every day.

3 Reasons to Make Your Own Breakfast Cereal

Of the many different breakfast options, cereals are a popular, quick-fix for breakfast. When they’re fresh, fiber-filled and home-made they make for a great way to start the day; however, most often it’s easier to pick ready-prepared varieties that are often laden with extra calories, sugar and artificial colorings. This guideline makes it easier for you to make your own healthy cereals!

The Kind of Chocolate You Should be Eating

Yes, you can eat chocolate and still be healthy. But you have to choose the right kind! Let’s break down the differences between the cacao nib, cacao powder, cocoa powder and chocolate.

Protein: Will I Get Enough?

If there’s one thing I can tell you I’ve learned along this journey: it’s the fascination that people have with the word protein when it comes to juicing! I would say that at nearly every public talk or event I have given, the question I have been asked the most is “will I be getting enough protein on a juice fast, Joe?” So, here is a bunch of information about protein and the new protein guidelines we are adopting at Reboot with Joe.

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