Randy Finds Motivation Through Juicing and Loses 80 Lbs

I love juicing and Rebooting my life!

VIDEO: Joe Sits Down With Young Folks Who Grow Their Own Food

In this additional scene, Joe sits down with some young folks from Georgia who grow their own produce and take pride in cooking their own meals.

Home Cooked Meals with Stacy K.

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Amid a Health Crisis, Kyle Turns to Juicing and Sees Big Improvements

This is something I will be doing for the rest of my life. I now eat for strength and longevity rather eating for pleasure.

VIDEO: Joe Cross Goes Bowling In Oklahoma

Although this scene didn't make the final cut, watch Joe get a taste of Americana as he goes bowling in Oklahoma. Joe talks to folks about how fast food factors into their diets and learns what's on the typical school-lunch menu!