Joe’s Tips For Breaking a Reboot

There’s an old saying… anyone can fast but only a wise person knows how to break a fast. Now I’m not saying I’m wise, but I have done this a few times and this is what I do and recommend.

Tip 1: Keep up the juicing. Don’t stop now.
Tip 2: Chew your food really well and slow down….take your time, it’s not a race.
Tip 3: Only eat plant food for the 3 days immediately after the Reboot.
Tip 4: On the first day of eating, I usually start with either an apple, peach or mango.
Tip 5: Try 100% fresh vegetable soup.
Tip 6: Lots of leafy greens.
Tip 7: Remember that your stomach has shrunk. Eat half what you think you’ll want…wait 15/20 mins, if you’re still hungry, eat more.
Tip 8: Remember to drink lots of water.
Tip 9: Stay close to the bathroom.
Tip 10: No alcohol for the 3 days.
Tip 11: The thing you were craving the most is probably the thing that’s doing you the most damage… for me during the making of the movie it was Pizza!! Try to avoid these trigger foods for as long as possible, especially the first 3 days.
Tip 12: Start small, you’ll find that with food items like coffee, sugar, salt, and heavy dressings, etc. a little goes a long way. Your taste buds have been Rebooted…so you will most likely not need any of these to get your senses fired up!!
Tip 13: If you’re going to eat animal products, do so after 3 days, in small amounts and look for high-quality choices. Lots of chewing.
Tip 14: Essential to keep the body moving….exercise after your meal with a walk if possible.
Tip 15: Follow your instinct. Listen to your inner voice….you’re in tune with yourself so you know what’s right for you.
Tip 16: If you haven’t had anything hot for a period of time….don’t burn your lips or tongue with hot food…you’ll be super sensitive to that.
Tip 17: Stay away from white rice, bread, pasta, refined flour and anything that you couldn’t pick off a tree or dig up out of the ground for the first 3 days.
Tip 18: Stay away from the scales. Give your body a few days to adjust.
Tip 19: Once you’ve gone past 3 days after the Reboot, best to follow our Simple Eating Guidelines and work out where you want your % of plant food to be. I try to do 40/50%. I’m not perfect, but I try.
Tip 20: Don’t celebrate with an unhealthy treat…the idea sounds good but chances are that you’ll wish you hadn’t straight away!! Instead, treat yourself to something Reboot friendly, like a fruit smoothie or meet a friend for a brisk walk or yoga class.