Amid a Health Crisis, Kyle Turns to Juicing and Sees Big Improvements

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Name – Kyle G.
Age – 42
Location – Burlington, Massachusetts
Reboot – I haven’t yet done a full reboot. I’ve been juicing as a supplement twice a day.

Doing an internet search on juicing.

Watching the movie and seeing the success Joe and Phil had.

On March 29, 2012 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Rectal cancer with mets to the Liver and Lungs. I stared chemotherapy treatment on Monday, April 16, 2012. The next day I was sitting at home watching TV and there was a segment on one of the morning shows about juicing. The woman running the segment was diagnosed 9 years ago with stage 4 cancer, she immediately started juicing to improve her health and it has been working well for her. The day after that, I was watching another morning show and they too had a segment featuring a woman who was diagnosed 2 years ago with Stage 2 cancer who started juicing and she was doing great. I thought to myself: someone is trying to tell me something. I went online to do some research and found TONS of information, including Joe’s film, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. I watched it that Friday night and on Saturday I made my first juice. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t taste awful. I continued to juice at least once a day.

On Monday April 30th I had my second chemotherapy treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. My oncologist had me make an appointment with one of the nutritionists. So I’m hooked up to my chemo and my nutritionist shows up. I start to explain to her that I started juicing after seeing the 2 segments on TV and watching Joe’s Film. She then says to me with a big smile “Do you recognize me?”. My nutritionist turns out to be none other than Stacy Kennedy, the nutritional consultant in Joe’s film and one of the nutritionists here on the Join The Reboot site! OK, YEP. This is what I’m supposed to do!!! Ever since, I’ve been juicing everyday, more often than not, twice a day.

My oncologist and Stacy are very happy with my blood work. It has improved every treatment. I feel great. After that first treatment I had about 3 days where I felt awful. Much like flu like symptoms. Chemo fatigue. I was exhausted. After juicing for a little over a week before treatment #2 I felt so much better afterwards. I only had about half a day where I felt those flu-like exhausted chemo fatigue feelings. My energy level has been great. I exercise regularly. I’ve lost 25 pounds. I still get some effects of the chemo fatigue, but at most it lasts 1 day. I’ve now had 8 chemo treatments and still feel good. Most days I don’t feel sick. I feel better now than I did 6-8 months ago. I’m sleeping better too.

Other benefits I’ve found from juicing, my skin looks better and feels softer. For years I’ve had that awful toe fungus. Over the last month I’ve noticed that its going away. Warts I’ve had for many years are shrinking away. Cuts I get seem to go away faster. I still have my hair. After the first 2-3 chemo treatments I felt my hair had gotten stiffer, not as soft. One of the side effects of the chemo. Most people on the chemo treatment I’m on do not lose their hair. Some thinning and it gets more stiff. Since I’ve been juicing for so long, I’m now feeling my hair has gotten back to its soft feeling again.

Because I’ve been doing so well, my wife started juicing. She has chronic fatigue syndrome and some adrenal and histamine issues. She did a 30 day Reboot and her energy level has improved tremendously. I’ve also noticed that her skin is softer and looks better.

I don’t know if juicing will help cure my cancer, but it has improved my overall health and that will most certainly help. My oncologist said not to change anything. Keep juicing. She’s very happy with the way things are going.

One of the “markers” for colorectal cancer is something called CEA, it is a type of protein molecule that can be found in many different cells of the body, but is typically associated with certain cancer tumors and the developing fetus. The higher the number (for cancer patients) usually means there is active growing cancer tumor(s). For a normal healthy non-smoker CEA is usually between 0 and 2.5. When I was diagnosed my CEA was 4,184.7. Dana-Farber tested my CEA again on August 8th. It has dropped down to 35.5 after 8 treatments total! This means that the chemo is working. I also believe that the juicing is working.

I met with my primary care doctor on August 13. After looking at my blood pressure over the last few months he said I can stop my BP medication because it has been so low. He loves the fact I’m getting so many nutrients from juicing and also said to keep it up!

Getting started and drinking that first juice with kale and spinach and carrots. I was never much of a veggie eater, but drinking them, for me, so some much easier now, but that first one was tough. 🙂

I keep a close watch on what I eat and for the most part stay away from processed foods. I also eat more whole grains now than I did before.

It works. This is something I will be doing for the rest of my life. I now eat for strength and longevity rather eating for pleasure. Living as long as I can is the most importing thing right now.

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