Beauty & the Beet Juice Recipe

If you’re needing an extra dose of antioxidants today, then it’s a good time to make this beautiful juice. This juice recipe is super high in gorgeous anthocyanins that are present in red cabbage, betalains in the beets, curcumin in the turmeric, and vitamin C in the oranges.

Sunshine Citrus Chard Juice

Earlier this week I shared a different version of Joe’s Mean Green that had chard leaves instead of kale and celery! Now I’m using chard again because it is such a powerhouse with a very high nutrient content. It is rich in carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin, and it provides a lot of juice which is always a bonus, thanks to its thick stalks. Enjoy!

Piña Kale-ada Smoothie

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Greens are the best thing that you can do for your body. If you don’t enjoy eating them or are not sure how to cook them, putting them into a smoothie is a great way to incorporate them into your diet! Green smoothies are great for reducing cravings, improving your immune system and digestive tract, and also help us lose weight. Enjoy this simple yet invigorating smoothie recipe.

Kick it Up a Notch Juice Recipe

I can’t walk past the super vibrant organic broccoli in the organic market without purchasing some (not that I ever do; it’s a staple in my kitchen!) This week, I decided to add it to my juice recipe. It’s similar to the Oh Sweet Broccoli Juice but the addition of lemon and celery in this one really kick it up a notch. Enjoy!

Energize Your Workout with this Heartbreak Hill Juice

This juice is the perfect way to energize before your long (or even short) run. Beets are shown to help your body better use oxygen, meaning that it takes less effort to keep the same pace. Natural compounds in beets like nitrate are also demonstrating they can help lower blood pressure. Peak levels of beet’s performance boosting nutrients happen around 2-3 hours after drinking. So, wake up with this refreshing juice then tie your shoes to hit the road and train.

Crazy for Cranberries Juice

Cranberries seem to be filling the produce aisle more than ever this time of year. They get me excited because cranberries in general remind me of the holidays. I love adding them to a healthy side dish and even using them as decorations in my apartment. Whatever you are doing with cranberries this season, hopefully you’ll save yourself some to add to this tart, sweet, beautiful juice!

Workout to the Beet Juice

There are so many different things you can do with fruits and veggies – saute, roast, boil, steam, eat raw – and even if you don’t get to make a recipe you originally planned during the week, it’s no problem because there’s always a plan B with them so they don’t have to go to waste. And that’s juicing! Enjoy this replenishing and electrolyte-rich juice after your next sweat session.

Citrus Craving Juice

I’m juicing blood oranges again! This pregnancy has given me crazy citrus cravings and I just can’t seem to walk past them at the market. I love the colour and the antioxidant content they contain. You can use regular oranges of course if you can’t find these blood oranges. Get the recipe!