Angie’s Story: Taking My First Step Towards Health

Psssst...did you know that you should exercise and eat right? Of course you do! Is something getting in your way of doing what you know in your bones is right?

Shane’s Story: When I Realized I was Fat

I realized I had to start from the very beginning so I tried a program called ‘Couch Potato to 5k’. Learn tips in how to get started!

Walk Your Way to Wellness

Did you know the array of benefits walking can offer? W

Turn Your Errands into Exercise

We all know how important daily physical activity is for mind, body and soul, but finding time for a trip to the gym or yoga class may not always be possible. Everyday activities can be an opportunity for exercise!

Fruit and Vegetables for Improved Exercise Performance

any people who are committed to sports, exercise and strength training sometimes do not understand the importance of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

The Choice Is Yours…

Exercise may make dietiting easier. Now, this might sound intuitive: more exercise results in more weight loss, but the point is more about the mental link between taking positive action for your health and less about actual calories burned.