In the Reboot Kitchen: Ruby Red Champagne

This the perfect afternoon pick-me-up juice.

Walk Your Way to Wellness

Did you know the array of benefits walking can offer? W

Turn Your Errands into Exercise

We all know how important daily physical activity is for mind, body and soul, but finding time for a trip to the gym or yoga class may not always be possible. Everyday activities can be an opportunity for exercise!

Fruit and Vegetables for Improved Exercise Performance

any people who are committed to sports, exercise and strength training sometimes do not understand the importance of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Tiffany Runs Her First 5K and Loses 40 Pounds – Reboot Profile

After posting this, we got an update Tiffany has now lost 60 pounds and is running up to 7 miles at a time! Continued success!

VIDEO: Catalina’s Reboot Success Story

Watch Catalina transform before your eyes in this Reboot success story video!