Juicing for Improved Energy

Glass of green kiwi juice

Juicing for improved energy and wellbeing are up there with weight loss when it comes to why people choose a juice cleanse or regular daily juices. I’ve heard over and over from my clients just how much more energy they have once they commence juicing. Many tell me that they used to finish their workdays […]

Natural Fuel for Your Fitness Routine

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. That’s something most of us know. But there’s a lot of information and sports nutrition products out there geared towards consumers that can cause confusion on what we really need pre- and post-workouts. Checkout these tips for the best sources to fuel up!

7 Green Superfoods for Super Energy

When I think of Spring I think of energy! Spring time is full of sunshine, hope, renewal and eagerness for the warmer, longer days ahead. It’s also a time when fresh, local produce starts to bloom. Here are my top 8 energizing foods that are vibrant and packed with nutrients to enjoy this season.

Michael M. Sees Food Differently after his 60 Day Reboot

Name: Michael M. Location:  Columbus, IN Reboot: 60 Day Reboot Health Improvements: Blood pressure: 95/78; glucose level: 90 mg/dl; cholesterol 109 mg/dl.  Weight loss: 60 lbs; no more knee and feet pain; no longer snores What inspired you to do a Reboot? For months I had been feeling bad about my physical condition and the […]

Sherri M. Changes Her Relationship with Food and Finds the ‘Fountain of Youth’ in Her Juicer

Name – Sherri M. Age – 45 Location – Kansas City, MO Reboot – The 15 Day Classic Reboot Health Improvements – Lost 11 lbs. during the 15 day Reboot and a total of 14 lbs. in the first month; total cholesterol numbers went from 191 (on medication) to 154; physician agreed to a trial […]

Dan M. Changed His Life in More Ways than One: He Now Makes Juice Instead of Bacon and Cut His Grocery Bill in HALF

Name – Dan M. Age – 52 Location – Fort Mohave, AZ Reboot – Started with a 10 day Reboot, now drinks 48 – 64 ounces of fresh juice every day. Health Improvements – Lost over 115lbs and continues to lose 7lb per month; no longer has chronic symptoms that he suffered previously before starting […]