Joe’s Journal: Day 20 – Keeping my Juice Interesting

It’s my 20th day and that calls for a celebration. I am one third of the way finished my Reboot! I feel like I can conquer anything. Climb Mt. Everest? No big deal! Well maybe not, but only because I would be too cold since I am so used to (and love) my Aussie weather. But I feel good and super happy with my progress.

Knowing that I have another 40 days to go I have to keep my taste buds interested. Drinking the same juices over and over again may get a little tiring so I’m enjoying a variety of juices.

I’m off to celebrate my Reboot milestone (with a juice of course) but I’ll leave you with my favorite juices so far:

Mean Green Juice (my daily go-to that I will never get sick of!)
Sun Kissed (I love starting my day with this juice)
Morning Green Glory (another great option to start the day or anytime)
Peach Pie Juice (boy do I love a juiced sweet potato)
Green Ginger Ale (I always loved Ginger Ale as a kid so this takes me right back to those days)

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