Who Inspires Joe?

By: Joe Cross

Excited to bring you another video on our #AskJoeAnything series…keep the questions rolling in! If you’re tuning in for the first time, I’ll be posting a video each week answering as many questions as possible within 3 minutes. And the questions can be about anything! You can ask your questions by including the #AskJoeAnything tag on my Facebook, Twitter (@JoeTheJuicer or @RebootWithJoe) or my Instagram account @JoeTheJuicer.

Today’s video comes to you from beautiful Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia’s garden state. Don’t forget to watch my video from last week if you missed it. Here we go with this week’s. Watch the video or read below for the questions that I answered!

1. Where can I find good juice recipes and a support system for the juice journey? 

On Rebootwithjoe.com we have created a community. It’s a free online community — there’s over 250,000 that are registered in there — it’s like your own little facebook page. And you can sign up and go in there and explore forums, find people that are on the journey. There are many many people in there that are helping every body everyday. That’s a good place to find support. And don’t forget on the rebootwithjoe.com website, there’s tons of free recipes.

2. On a 21 day or more juicing plan, how do you transition from juicing to real food? What and how should it be done?
This is another great example of info you can find here on our site. We have lots of articles that explain the transition process. For me I find the best way to transition is to eat the food that you have been juicing. Then slowly add certain foods in, like maybe try gluten — see if it has an effect on you, see if it has a positive or a negative. Try fish, try animal product if that’s what you choose. Personally, if you can stick it to plants for as long as possible you’ll be doing your body a huge favor.

3. Which person have you met that inspired you?
Apart from nearly everybody who I’ve met on this road that has done a Reboot — I mean I’ve just been sitting down here doing my mail and I get so many messages per day — it really is amazing and I’m honored to get so many messages. It’s taken me a little while to think this through and I’ve gone through a number of people…

Liz Arch made a fantastic speech at MindBodyGreen’s Revitalize summit this year on domestic abuse and she was very brave. She inspired me how she got up there and just bared her soul. You can watch her speech here.

I’ve met some veterans who have lost arms and legs that are into juicing and they inspire me.

But I guess that I’ve met so many people and I guess what really strikes me is parents that have a bunch of kids that are battling to keep the bills paid and are struggling but somehow work out a way to overcome that and provide a nutrient dense plan or meal for their kids, and I reckon that inspires me.

Sorry I don’t have a specific one person because I’m inspired a lot and doing what I do with this community, I’m exposed to it. So I guess that it would be the shout out to all of those out there that are overcoming adversity and the nutritional gatekeepers of the homes who are doing a great job. There you have it. That’s who inspires me.

Signing off from Melbourne — next week I’ll be talking to you from Sydney. Juice on!


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Good News! Camp Reboot is Coming Back

By: Joe Cross

I’m excited to announce that Camp Reboot is happening again for the third year in a row! The past two years have been so inspiring for me to watch all of the participants Reboot together and start their journey to a healthier life, so I can’t wait to do it all over again. For those of you who have attended in the past, we’ve taken your feedback seriously. You shared that Camp Reboot really helped you start living a more vibrant, energetic, healthier, happier life so I want to continue to support you and everyone else in our Reboot community by bringing it back.

I’m inviting all past participants and new ones to join me this year on July 26th – July 31st at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York for another week of juice, guidance from Reboot coaches, and informative conversations from Reboot Medical Advisory Board  member Dr. Carrie Diulus, Reboot Nutritionist & Medical Advisory Board member Stacy Kennedy, Dr. Russ Kennedy and me!

Camp Reboot at Omega Offers:

  • Step-‐by‐step instruction through a Reboot led by Joe and Reboot Nutritionist Stacy Kennedy
  • Attend workshops and seminars covering a variety of topics
  • Access to The Reboot Medical Advisory board. Members will be on‐site to provide baseline wellness screenings (so you can chart your progress) and provide dietary information for your specific health issues.
  • Work directly with a Wellness Coach – personalized attention
  • Additional optional activities include guided nature walks and Reboot-friendly yoga classes
  • Be inspired by past Reboot success stories

Learn more about Camp Reboot and everything it has to offer.

What’s Included: $925 tuition covers everything but lodging — all workshops, activities, all juice (and food), workshop materials plus a take home goodie bag (valued at $100).

Lodging is extra and ranges from $84 per night.

Transportation information available at eOmega.org

Save $100 When You Register by April 15! Just enter promo code ER at checkout.


Questions? Check out our answers to frequently asked questions. Or contact campreboot@rebootwithjoe.com.

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Joe Answers Your Questions {About Anything}

By: Joe Cross

My team has been busy collecting questions for our latest #AskJoeAnything video series. The aim of this series is to post a video each week answering as many questions as possible within 3 minutes…and the questions don’t have to be just about juice! Here we go with our very first #AskJoeAnything‬ for 2015. As you can see I shot this video in my hotel room here in Sydney with the beautiful General Post Office Clock Tower in the background. Watch the video or read below for the questions that I answered! And don’t forget to share your questions and be sure to include the #AskJoeAnything tag on my Facebook, Twitter (@JoeTheJuicer or @RebootWithJoe) or my Instagram account @JoeTheJuicer.


  1. After the film and curing your rash, did it come back and if so what did you do to keep it from coming back? And have you consulted your physician since making your first movie?
    No it didn’t come back. I had the auto-immune disease for 8 years, and I was on the medicine for 8 years. After 60 days of juice and 90 days more days of consuming only fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and seeds, I was completely and utterly free of all symptoms. I haven’t had any issues or taken any medication in 7.5 years. Yes, I’ve consulted my physician and they are thrilled.
  1. What is the 80/20 rule Joe? Can you explain further and give an example of a juice that fits the rule?
    An 80/20 rule is you want to have 80% of our juice coming from veggies, and 20% from fruit. I find that you don’t need it all from fruit or 50/50 because it’s sweet enough if just 20% comes from fruit.  A good example is the Mean Green. It’s got celery, cucumber, kale, lemon and ginger and apple for our sweetener. Learn more about our Golden Rule.
  1. What do you need most from all of us to support your outcomes? It’s time for us to give back.
    All I can ask for you guys to do is share our movies – share our message and get it out as far and wide as possible. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 1 and 2 and we are busy working on number three but it will not be called Fat, Sick & nearly Dead 3. This new movie is a bit of a surprise and we are working hard on it.

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Why the Mean Green is So Good for You

By: Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN; Reboot Nutritionist

The now famed Mean Green Juice has become a household staple in kitchens across the globe. If you have a juicer, you can make the Mean Green for a quick, healthy dose of phytonutrients sure to energize and nourish you.  It’s the drink you see Joe enjoy throughout Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 1, and is one of the most popular juice choices in the Reboot community.

We all know the Mean Green is good for you because, well, it’s green, but ever wondered exactly why?  We break down the nutrition science for you here starting off with these 6 key ingredients that make this juice so healthful and delicious.

  • 1 cucumber
  • 4 celery stalks
  • 2 apples
  • 6 – 8 kale (Tuscan cabbage) leaves
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 in (2.5 cm) piece of ginger
  1. Cucumber:
    Cukes are well known for helping reduce inflammation when applied directly to the skin but they can work all sorts of wonders inside the body too.  Cucumbers contain phytosterols, shown to help lower cholesterol levels, as well as electrolytes like potassium important for keeping blood pressure in check.  They’re also super hydrating thanks to their high water content.
  2. Celery:
    Hate this veggie’s stringy texture but want all the goodness locked away inside?  Well, juice it!  Celery is rich in natural sodium making it an important part of a juicing plan or workout related drink for a healthy dose of electrolytes.  Celery also contains carotenoids like lutein which promote eye health especially with age and may help reduce risk of developing certain cancers.
  3. Apples:
    The old adage an apple a day still rings true.  Research supports consuming apples to help reduce the risk of certain types of cancers, like colon cancer, thanks in part to their antioxidants, including quercitin.  These same powerhouse nutrients and high soluble fiber content (yes that’s the kind of fiber that is in your juice!), can also help reduce cholesterol levels.
  4. Kale:
    These days K is for Kale. It’s a fantastic source of calcium, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins A and C. Kale is low calorie and yet incredibly dense with nutrients. Kale also boasts compounds that promote eye and skin health, like lutein.  It’s generally better to get your lutein from eating or juicing kale than supplements.
  5. Lemon:  Looking for a vitamin-C packed, natural anti-nausea, metabolism and immune supporting addition to your favorite juice?  Lemons are where it’s at!  Did you know that even smelling a fresh lemon may help calm a queasy stomach?  For a less bitter taste in juice, peel your lemons first.  And don’t forget to add it to warm water for a morning ritual that starts your day on the right foot.
  6. Ginger:
    Long touted for its natural digestive aid qualities, ginger has become a staple for those looking to support their immune system, reduce inflammation or ease an angry tummy.

The specific combinations of fruits and veggies in this juice have helpful synergy.  For example, consuming a vitamin C rich food like apple and lemon at the same time as a plant-based iron source, like kale, can help our body absorb more of the iron.

Beyond the specific benefits of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients locked away in each ingredient, the act of juicing them may have additional advantages for certain individuals.

A recent study found that men who drank fresh vegetable juice with ingredients like kale, compared to commercial vegetable juice, had significantly lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels after just 4 weeks.

Juicing may also help to enhance the body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients often bound up by insoluble fibers.  While eating of course remains a vital way of consuming nutrients including the insoluble fibers important for hunger control and blood sugar management, juicing can be a healthy addition to any plant-based diet.  For those with bowel concerns making eating salads or a big bowl of the Mean Green veggies in their raw form a challenge, juicing offers an option to ingest these vital nutrients.

Happy Mean Green-ing!

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Canada! Watch FSND2 on 1/16

By: Joe Cross

To all my friends in Canada who have access to the City TV channel, this Friday night you can watch a special television version of my new film, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 at 10PM EST. The one hour special features almost as much as the full version, but just slightly condensed. I reckon it’s the perfect kick off to your weekend — a movie night with juices and inspiring stories from all over the world!

What: Special television version of FSND2
When: Friday, January 16th at 10PM EST
Where: City TV

Thanks for tuning in, and for always being such wonderful supporters of the Reboot mission. Juice on!

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Joe’s Video Course on Everything Juicing & Blending

By: Joe Cross

I reckon if there’s one diet plan we should all have in common, it’s to eat more fruits and vegetables. I have plenty of firsthand experience with the power of fruits and veggies – they led me to start living a healthier, medication-free life – and what I’ve learned over the years is there’s a variety of ways you can get more veggies into your daily life. My favorite ways? Juicing and blending! Since there’s so much to learn about the world of juicing and blending I partnered with MindBodyGreen as part of their video course series to bring you a Complete Guide to Juicing and Blending.

MBG video courses are aimed to provide you with world-class instructional videos featuring experts in the wellness world. I don’t know if I call myself an expert, but I sure have learned a lot about juicing and blending over the years. Throughout my juicing and blending video course, you’ll be able to learn the difference between juicing and blending (which so many people get confused about!), discover the benefits of both, and how you can use juicing and blending to lose weight, get healthy and maintain it.

By signing up for this course, I hope it will open your eyes to a whole new way you can get excited about getting more liquid sunshine – the fruits and veggies in juices and smoothies – into your body. You’ll also have access to my favorite recipes, detailed tips on how to prep, shop and make your juices and smoothies, and so much more. I see the course as a gateway guide to understanding the many ways you can use juicing and blending to increase your consumption of fruits and veggies and genuinely enjoy them.

Since I’m no doctor or nutritionist, I asked my friend Dr. Carrie Diulus, who you also see in Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2, to join me in a few modules – she shares the science and facts on why juicing and blending are so beneficial to your well-being. We also bring even more fun into the kitchen with Reboot Nutritionist Kristen DeAngelis. She used to be a bartender so she is quite the expert at making delicious mocktails and even cocktails when you want to spice up your juicing routine.

Join me for a full video course to learn everything you need to know about juicing and blending. A few things you should know about the video course:

  • The courses are streamed so you can watch anywhere at any time in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.
    You can watch the videos as many times as you like!
  • In addition to video instruction, each course includes additional resources, helpful worksheets, tips, my favorite recipes, discussion boards, etc.
  • Through the “Discussions” section, you’ll be able to ask the instructor questions. You’ll also be able to interact with others who are doing the course with you. It’s a great way to connect with your classmates and support each other!

Learn more and sign up today!

Juice and Blend On!

Joe Cross

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You Tweeted, We Answered

By: Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN; Reboot Nutritionist

Happy Friday Rebooters!

Thanks to everyone who joined our first #RebootNutrition Twitter Chat last night. It was a huge success and I really enjoyed talking with you and answering your Rebooting questions. For anyone who missed the chat, you can also see the full conversation by going to twitter and searching #RebootNutrition. Here are just a few highlights from the chat:

Since we are going to continue to do these chats throughout January every Thursday at 8PM EST, I want to be sure you’re aware of how this works. Here are a few important highlights of the chat that will bring you up to speed:

  • The chat takes place every Thursday in January at 8PM EST
  • A Reboot Nutritionist will be on Twitter to answer all of your Rebooting questions
  • Use #RebootNutrition to join the conversation, ask your questions, and follow along
  • The nutritionists are board certified and will be the same ones who lead our Guided Reboot programs (so the chat is just a little taste of the constant support you have while on a Guided Reboot!)

Reminder: The next #RebootNutrition Twitter Chat takes place next week on Thursday, January 15th at 8pm EST. See you there.

If you have more questions about the chat, you can ask them in the comments below. Until next week…Juice on!


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The Top 14 Recipes from 2014

By: Jamie Webber

Every year we add hundreds of new recipes for you to enjoy on rebootwithjoe.com. Many of you come to our site for new recipes, so we never want to stop providing them — we love new recipes too! The recipes we share range from juices (of course!) and smoothies, to entrees and desserts, and many others in between. We love keeping tabs of the ones you love, because that helps us know what type of recipes you enjoy the most.

Since we’re already one week into 2015, we’re reflecting on 2014 and compiling the recipes that were most popular throughout all of 2014. That doesn’t necessarily mean they were first shared in 2014 as some of these have been around since day one of Reboot, but it simply signifies that the recipes below are the ones you visited the most on our site this year. And we think it’s safe to assume that these are the ones you’re making the most in your kitchen. By looking at the list below, it’s clear you love your juices. And a few desserts here and there!

If you need a little recipe inspiration for 2015, get started with these favorites.

1.  Mean Green Juice

2.  Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

3. Morning Green Glory Juice

4. Lean Green Pineapple Juice

5. Whipped Roasted Cauliflower & Onion Soup

6. Chocolate-Almond Crunch Cookies (Made from Almond Milk Pulp!)

7. Green Bitter Melon Juice

8. Savory or Sweet Cashew Cream

9. Celery Cucumber Pear Juice

10. Watercress Wonder Juice

11. A Juice the Fights a Cold

12. Oh Sweet Broccoli Juice

13. Crazy for Cranberries Juice

14. Luscious Sweet Potato & Almond Smoothie

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Tweet Tweet! Ask #RebootNutrition Anything

By: Joe Cross

Thanks everyone for such a great Facebook chat this past Sunday. There were many great questions about Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 so I hope your questions were answered and you have enjoyed watching the film! During the chat, we also received tons of nutrition questions about specific health conditions and Rebooting, and I like to leave those to our Reboot nutritionists. They are the experts when it comes to the medical stuff.

To bring you more support during the start of 2015 and to get those questions answered (since I know this time of year many of you are Rebooting, and good on you), our Reboot nutritionists are here to provide answers.

Beginning tonight at 8PM EST, you can join our new Twitter Chat every Thursday throughout January. During this hour, one of our Reboot Nutritionists will be answering your questions. You can ask anything about Rebooting, your health and medical questions – just log into your twitter account and use #RebootNutrition to ask and follow along.

What: Twitter Chat to Ask Reboot Nutritionists Your Health Questions
Date: Every Thursday in January
Time: 8PM – 9PM EST

Join by logging into twitter and using #RebootNutrition.



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