Taking Antibiotics?

I’m sharing this week’s Ask Joe Anything from beautiful San Jose, CA where I was on my Fully Charged Book Tour earlier this week. I changed it up a bit by taking a question from my live audience versus one on social media. I called up Tony and he had a great question about antibiotics. Watch this week’s AJA and don’t forget to submit your question for the next Ask Joe Anything by sharing it in the comments section below or ask me on social media using #AskJoeAnything. If you’ve missed the previous Ask Joe Anything series, you can check out the questions I’ve already covered in the past 19 weeks.

When you took antibiotics for your dental infection, did you do anything special to your diet to get your digestive system back on track?

I took probiotics. People always ask me about supplements, and that’s one I take. I also take Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. But one note about antibiotics…we are fans of antibiotics, my father is a doctor and we are fans of that because they can be necessary, but we want to make sure we are using them for the right reasons. There’s a lot of overuse of antibiotics and that’s not a good thing.