Top 6 Summertime Sips (Juices & Smoothies!)

In March, we celebrated the 7 Juices Perfect for Spring, but now that it’s officially summer here in the northern hemisphere it’s time to enjoy our favorite fruits and vegetables in the summertime season. And what a better way to enjoy them than in juices and smoothies? Our bodies crave the cooling and refreshing taste that juices and smoothies provide so dive into these top favorite juices and smoothies for warm weather. And for our friends who are entering colder weather in the southern hemisphere, stay tuned because we have warming winter juices for you!

1.) Dad’s Day OJ

Dads Day OJ

2.) Green Strawberry

green strawberry

3.) Starry Night Delight

Starry Night Delight

4.) Gold Juice

Gold Juice

5.) Kool Kiwi

kool kiwi

6.) Get Your Greens Smoothie