My Reboot was 30 of the hardest days of my life, but also the most amazing

“It changed my life forever. I went into it just hoping to lose weight and I got so much more. It completely changed how I looked at food. I got the weight off and became a personal trainer and I wrote a book.” Read Zach’s full story on how a Reboot changed his life forever.

Two 5 Day Reboots Transformed Cenk’s Life Forever

“I was suffering from insulin resistance, and tried several dietitians that costs tons of money. I was trying to work out, and never saw any visible impact on me. I was suffering from dermatitis, which caused rashes on my skin. I also didn’t eat enough veggies, but after watching the film, I thought, hey, I can try drinking them. I don’t know why, but the idea of drinking green veggies had an immediate impact on me. Some kind of magical touch reached out to me.” Read Cenk’s full Reboot journey.

Kathlyn Finds Juicing to Be “The Secret Elixir” to Curing Her Severe Acne

” I struggled with severe acne for the past four years and the medications I was on only made my situation worse. After numerous failed visits to the dermatologist, I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead which inspired me to take responsibility for my own health through a change in diet and lifestyle.” Read Kat’s full story to see how a 3 Day Reboot changed her life.

Mary-Ann Reboots to Reach Her Goal Weight & Land Her Dream Job

“I was not getting the recreation jobs I wanted or needed because of my weight. Even though I was well qualified for the rec jobs I interviewed for, I still would not get them because I did not look like someone who specialized in recreation.” Read Mary-Ann’s story of dedication and commitment to losing weight for good to land her dream job.

From Happy Mom to Super Happy Mom: Rossy Transforms After a 60 Day Reboot

After Rossy, 38, watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead she was determined to lose the weight she had slowly been putting on since the birth of her four year old son. She committed to do two weeks on juice only, but went on to complete 60 days. Read her full story of transformation.

Trace Stops Taking 12 Pills A Day & No Longer Suffers From Life-Threatening Diseases

“Every single physical problem I had went away in a matter of weeks – except the Grave’s Disease. That took a few months to put in total remission which is great because it usually requires having your thyroid taken out surgically or ”killed” via radiation treatment. Mine just ”magically” healed due to the nutritional overload provided by juice!” Read Trace’s full story.

Tanya Reboots 105 Days to Avoid Gastric Bypass Surgery

“I had a meniscal tear with osteoarthritis in my knee that had me walking with a cane. My doctor and the orthopedic doctor suggested Gastric Bypass as a way to lose weight and take the pressure off of my knee. I have never had any surgery and for me that wasn’t an option I was willing to accept. Thanks to being introduced to Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead it never happened.” Read Tanya’s full story.