Down 47 Pounds & 10 Years, Leslie Now Knows What “Living” Feels Like

My journey began when I saw a picture of myself on top of a mountain I’d hiked. I didn’t think I felt bad and I had no medical problems. I simply settled on the fact I was a frumpy middle-aged woman. I even stopped smoking after 20 years so I was alright with my weight of 167 lbs./76 kg.

One day I got out of the shower and took a very long look in the mirror. I did not like the reality of the naked lady looking back. Things were all out of place. I even had back fat!  Where was the young vibrant sexy lady I once was?

Some how by the fate of God we stumbled on Fat, Sick &  Nearly Dead. I educated myself reading and watching every documentary I could get my hands on.  On April 26, 2012 I started my first 30 day Reboot. The first 3 days I stayed in bed. It was very hard detoxing. I had all the classic first time fasting symptoms.

It was worth it because I lost 21 lbs./10 kg. on my first 30 day Reboot.

Not only was the weight loss a benefit, but I had never in my life been in a gym until I started juicing. I joined the local YMCA and I began to thrive for the first time. With continued exercise, juicing and eating a plant-based diet,  I lost another 27 lbs./12 kg. Within 6 months, I lost 47 lbs./21 kg. and gained spiritual respect, self worth and self love.

Now I’m a nice 125 lbs./57 kg. and turning 40 in a few days! This is going to be the best years of my life because now I’m living.

Everyone deserves health, worth and longevity. You just have to top making excuses and do it. Remember: You control the food so stop letting food control you.

I started “Juicing For Dummies” because I was tired of explaining how this juicing thing works! People wanted the secret pill I took to change so dramatically. The fact is you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. “If you want change then you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.”

Juice on!