Struggling with Migraines? Try This.

Migraines are often characterized by a one-sided throbbing severe headache that is recurrent. They can be frequently accompanied with nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances and an extreme sensitivity to light and noise. These visual disturbances can include blotches, blurred vision, flashes and a blind spot with shimmering colors. People can be affected for a few hours […]

I No Longer Suffer from 8 Health Conditions

“the medical conditions, as per my last visit to my doctor have improved significantly. I am not taking any medications and the only medical issues I still struggle with are Rosacea and migraines. Neither are nearly as severe as they were a year ago, but managing stress seems to help in flair ups of both.” Read Robert’s full story of transformation.

Migraines, Shoulder Pain & 100 Lbs Gone For Good

“Beyond losing 100 lbs/45 kg, my blood pressure has gone down. I now have a resting heart rate of 56! BP 106/60! Circulation has returned to normal. I have no pain and take no pain pills. I have not had a migraine or any kind of headache in a year! My mind is so much clearer. Overall I am happier and the juicing has nourished and satisfied me. I have no junk food cravings.” And these are just a few of Corinna’s improvements. Read her full story to find out more.

“I was poisoned with medication!”

“I was depressed and the medication I was taking made me gain so much weight. I was poisoned with medication! I was crazy looking for the solution. I went through several diets to lose weight without results. I did not understand what was happening, then my endocrine told me that I was intoxicated by drugs for depression and that it was a matter of time, she told me not to do diets, so I must wait. I commented to a friend and he told me about FSND.” Read Jeannette’s full story of transformation.

Adam Shocked His Doctors After Rebooting 90 Days to Avoid Lap Band Surgery

“I was inspired after reading Joe’s bio and realising that I could easily take out the name Joe and replace it with mine. I started on 7/8/2013 at 112.8 kgs./249 lbs. after being told by my doctor to have lapband surgery as I was clinically severely obese. I refused and said I would lose the weight by natural means. He said if you were going to lose the weight you would have by now. True words maybe and very motivating.” Read Adam’s full story.

From Happy Mom to Super Happy Mom: Rossy Transforms After a 60 Day Reboot

After Rossy, 38, watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead she was determined to lose the weight she had slowly been putting on since the birth of her four year old son. She committed to do two weeks on juice only, but went on to complete 60 days. Read her full story of transformation.

Woody, 45, Significantly Improves 6 Diseases and Stops Taking 8 Medications

“My asthma has improved, and my gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and opthalmoplegic migraines are now history. My bowel symptoms from the Cauda Equina Syndrome (much like IBS symptoms) have reduced, even though I no longer take medication for them. I’ve been able to come off lots of prescription drugs already: I was on nine regular meds that I had to take at least once every day, plus another couple I could take on an ad-hoc basis as needed, if my symptoms were particularly bad.” Read Woody’s full success story.

The Mighty Migraine

Migraine headaches affect approximately 17% of women and 5.6% of men in the United States. These men and women experience an average of 1 to 4 attacks per month. Migraines can be hereditary and manifest in a variety of ways including intense, painful headache, nausea, vomiting, light or sound sensitivity and aura – a visual disturbance, like seeing colors, that tends to occur as a warning before the headache hits.

VIDEO: Catalina’s Reboot Success Story

Catalina set out to try a 10 day Reboot; she felt so great and was having such positive results that she decided to extend it to 15 days. Watch Catalina transform before your eyes in this Reboot success story video! For more videos like this one visit our Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead YouTube Channel.