I No Longer Suffer from 8 Health Conditions

Robert Pirrone wanted to change his life so he started running on the treadmill every day. When that plateaued, he found Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. He immediately embarked on a 15 Day Reboot and since, he has Rebooted five days a week for the past eight months. He has lost 80 pounds and his journey still continues. He shared his success on Twitter with Joe and we were able to get his full story. Read on to be inspired by his journey.



About two years ago I moved from the northeast to the south for a complete change in lifestyle.  I wanted to get away from the craziness of New York and found a great southern community to live.  At the time I was 260 lbs and had medical issues that included:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Persistent Skin Rosacea
  3. Migranes
  4. Sleep Apnea
  5. Acid Reflux and Heartburn
  6. Failing Eyesight
  7. Various Aches and Pains
  8. Persistent UTI’s

All of the above were targeted for treatment by my doctors by using various medications which I took when I felt I needed to.  Work was good and was on the top of my game there but my health was in trouble.  So with the move out of New York and the change of venue, I decided it was time to make a change in my lifestyle to get healthy.

However, it did not happen overnight.  I first started exercising every day to build up activity in the gym.  For about 9 months after the move down south I was on the treadmill every day progressively adding speed and distance to my workout.  I personally found that the added speed and minutes every day was something that I could measure in the short term and see results and feel good about myself.  However, my diet remained basically unchanged.  The amount of food I was consuming was less than before my workout phase began but the types were still the same.  Very little vegetables and fruits.  Being a true blood Italian, pasta and bread is my achilles heel.  So that was what my diet, though less than before.

After about the 10th month of the workout phase, I had progressed to 3 miles per day at a fairly consistent running speed but had plateaued.  I couldn’t push it any further or any longer so it was time for phase two which is when I saw Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  I immediately purchased a juicer and embarked on a 15 Day Reboot.  I chose 1 “green drink” and went full bore and have not looked back.

After day 15, my clothes were huge but more of a success measure for me was that I had pushed further through the plateau and was now going faster and longer on the treadmill.  Ever since the 15 Day Reboot I have been doing 5 Day Reboots every week (I’ve been doing that every week for the past 8 months).  I have taken more of a mindset of “want” vs “need” for everything I put in my mouth.  My body “needs” a green drink to not only live but to fight off any of the 8 medical issues above and more importantly for me to run.  On my off green drink days I do enjoy breaking the Reboot but I also focus on having vegetables in my diet rather than just the white pasta and bread.  In fact, when I break the Reboot on day 6 I normally want to enjoy sauteed spinach and have a full non-juiced green apple.  It is just interesting what you crave after the Reboots and how good things taste.  Grapes are sweeter, oranges are more refreshing and even the sinful foods like pasta for me are more delicious.

The key for me is to keep that in check to know that if I go too overboard the “special-ness” goes away and it becomes more sinful and hurtful to me.  I also cannot approach my sinful foods in a way where I say I cannot have it.  If I say “I cannot” the more I want.  But that is just me.  It has been a great journey that I continue to take and enjoy every step of the way.  It is about 9 months in now that it is February.  I am up to about 6 miles per day (5 days a week) at about 7.0 mph on my treadmill and training to run outdoors in several local 5K’s in the spring just to have some outdoor fun and meet people.

I am currently weighing in at 168 lbs with still some work to do but have a whole new wardrobe.  The medical conditions, as per my last visit to my doctor have improved significantly.  I am not taking any medications and the only medical issues I still struggle with are Rosacea and migraines.  Neither are nearly as severe as they were a year ago, but managing stress seems to help in flair ups of both.

I am extremely pleased with where I am and look to continue this lifestyle because I am in it for the marathon and not the sprint.  Thank you to Joe for being an inspiration and thank you to green drink for giving me the stuff I “need” to run the marathon.

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