A Healthy Dinner for Under $1

Looking for an easy and inexpensive meal the family will love? This recipe is your answer! It includes pulp from your favorite veggie juices, quinoa and beans that add a ton of protein and fiber, and it makes a large dish so you’ll have leftovers all week long.

The Easiest & Most Budget-Friendly Soup You’ll Ever Make

It’s getting cold outside in New York. But the good news is, it’s soup season! Nothing tastes better than warming up to a nice cup of healthy soup after being outside in the brisk wind. And this recipe has everything you could possibly want in a soup: fast, easy, simple, super healthy, super cheap, low calorie, and long lasting. Get the recipe and make it today!

5 Tips to Juice a Mean Green on a Budget

We wrapped up our first Mean Green Squeeze challenge a few weeks ago and we found out that juicing and eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. If you missed it, it was a month of challenging our community to buy the ingredients for a Mean Green Juice for as cheap as possible. Our community members who participated proved that budget is no excuse when it comes to juicing (and eating) your greens. Find out how low you can go!