5 Tips to Juice a Mean Green on a Budget

We wrapped up our first Mean Green Squeeze challenge a few weeks ago and we found out that juicing and eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. If you missed it, it was a month of challenging our community to buy the ingredients for my Mean Green Juice for as cheap as possible. Our community members who participated proved that budget is no excuse when it comes to juicing (and eating) your greens.

On average, the total cost of purchasing enough produce for 2 servings (that’s 32 oz./1 L.) of my Mean Green came to $6 (3.73 pounds)! That’s roughly $3 a juice! Here are some helpful tips from our fellow Mean Green Squeeze contestants, about how they managed to squeeze as much juice as possible out of their wallets:

1). Grow Your Own
Grow your own fruit and vegetables! Ruth Milner did and her Mean Green cost her less than $2!

2.) Get to Know Your Local Farmers
Shop at farmer’s markets, small vegetable stands or produce specialty stores for the freshest and cheapest, organic produce. Plus, it’s always best to support your local farmers! You can even ask your farmer for a discount if he still has yesterday’s produce. Or maybe tell him you are juicing and want anything that he can share for a cheaper price.

3.) Shop in Season
If a recipe calls for an ingredient that may not be in season, then get creative and find something similar. One of our community members couldn’t find kale (Tuscan cabbage) so he went ahead and purchased green cabbage! You can also have fun with it and go apple picking in the fall or strawberry picking in the summer.

4.) Buy in Bulk
Buy in bulk, it’s always cheaper than buying one of each item. Any produce that’s left over from your juice, you can always use as a healthy snack, in a smoothie, or in a Reboot friendly meal.

5.) Buddy Up
Go shopping with a friend or family member and split the cost of all your produce. It’s always more fun juicing with somebody else, plus you can get creative with the recipes and you won’t waste any leftovers!

Here you have it. 5 simple tips to help you juice on a budget. Challenge yourself and see how low you can go. Juice on!