Welcome to the Mean Green Squeeze!

“I would love to juice but I can’t afford it!” We hear this all the time. But guess what? Juicing can be budget-friendly. You just have to use a little creativity and a little brain power, and you’ll be juicing without breaking the bank. Are you ready for the challenge to show us how you can juice without making a big dent in the wallet?

What’s the Mean Green Squeeze?
We are relying on you to show the Reboot community, starting August 22nd through September 20th, how much you can “squeeze” out of your juicing grocery bill. Can you go as low as our Success Story Chris at $40 a week? What are your tips and tricks? Just how low you can go when it comes to purchasing all of the ingredients for Joe’s Mean Green Juice recipe. Take this recipe card with you so you know what to buy!

Are you up for the challenge?
Here are more details to think about when you are purchasing the ingredients…

  • We aren’t worried about how much juice you get out of it (although expect to get anywhere from 20 – 32 ounces/800 – 950 ml depending on your juicer and produce size), we just want to know the total cost.
  • That means you may need to buy one bunch of kale that has 16 leaves when you only need six to eight; or you might need to buy one bunch of celery that has eight stalks when you only need four…but hey, those are the ingredients!
  • You can get as creative as you’d like. Maybe visit your local farmer and see if he will just give you the exact amount you need for a discounted price? Or buddy up with your family member or friend to save a buck or two. And if you grow your own, even better!
  • By participating in this contest you have the opportunity to be the first person with access to our latest and greatest recipe book that hasn’t even hit the stores.

Can you show us how much juice you can squeeze out of your wallet?
To prove your thriftiness, we want to see your receipts after purchasing your Mean Green ingredients. This is what you have to do…

1.)    First, sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up to date with the Mean Green Challenge and everything else that Reboot with Joe has to offer. Sign up here. Already get the emails? Move on to step two!

2.)    Show us your receipts! Snap a picture of your receipt with all of the Mean Green ingredients and share it on all or any of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with hashtag #meangreenchallenge, and include your number one budget-friendly tip in your caption and your country so we know if that was euros, dollars, pounds or pesos. You could say something like this…

“Here is my receipt for the #meangreenchallenge! Grow your own and you’ll save, UK!”

3.)    Get creative with your photos or be simple…it’s up to you! Here are a few ways some of us at Team Reboot took the picture:

Two Team Rebooters partnered together to save a buck or two at the store (They were able to split the celery and the kale!)

And another Team Rebooter just showed her receipt. She grows some of her own produce so she just wrote that in – that works perfectly too!

4.)    If you go to a farmer’s market or grow your own, you will likely not have a printed receipt. So use your creativity to show us how much each ingredient costs. Maybe take pictures of the prices listed at the market or have the farmer write it down for you (or write it down yourself — just be honest please!).

5.)    And don’t forget to follow Joe on Instagram and Twitter @JoetheJuicer , and on Facebook at Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze
If you follow our directions, you will enter to win our latest recipe book that is hot off the press. You’d be the first to see it as a lucky winner because it hasn’t even hit the stores yet.

Need a few pointers to help you save a dime? We have tons of helpful information on Reboot with Joe. Check out a recent Joe Show Episode, Rebooting on a Budget, and here are more tips to check out before you shop.

We will select TWO WINNERS PER WEEK at random. Our winners will be announced every Thursday in our newsletters and on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

The contest is open to residents WORLDWIDE with all currencies.

Read the official rules here.