The Joe Show: Rebooting on a Budget


If you’ve ever second guessed a Reboot because you were worried about the expense, now is your chance to put those hesitations aside. Watch this next episode of The Joe Show for easy tips to help you save money and Reboot on a budget.

Cheap and Green JuiceWhen it comes to saving money, it’s best to go for fruits and veggies that produce a high juice content. With this “Cheap and Green Juice” you are gaining all the benefits of a nutritious juice in only four ingredients that will fill your glass all the way to the top, and probably with some leftovers too! And don’t miss Joe’s Top Five High-Yielding Fruits and Veggies to add to your juices.

The Best Produce Shopping TipsWhether you’re prepping to go to the store, aimlessly wandering the aisles wondering what produce to buy, or stumped on how to store the produce once you get home, our Produce Shopping Tips and Tricks will help you make the most of your grocery store visits while keeping costs low.

Alex JamiesonA professionally trained healthy gourmet chef, and certified health and nutrition counselor, Alex Jamieson shares her best tips on how to Reboot on a budget. Her tips include when to buy organic vs. conventional and what type of produce yields the most juices. Learn more tips from Alex that she shared when we caught up with her in our Q&A.

Organic vs. Non-OrganicNot all produce needs to be bought organically. Save your money and only buy organic produce from the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list and purchase those on the “Clean Fifteen” conventionally. Read Joe’s journal entry from his 60 day Reboot that explains the nitty gritty details.