Kissed by the Sun Juice Recipe

Get kissed by the sun the healthy way just by drinking this juice. Its fruit and veggie contents help improve your complexion, protect your skin from sun damage and give you a healthy glow.

A New Smoothie for You: Blueberry, Hemp & Cucumber

Cool off with this simple new smoothie this week. It’s lower in sugar, and higher in hydrating produce thanks to the romaine and cucumber in the smoothie. Get the recipe!

Spiced Golden Coconut Milk

If you haven't heard of golden milk, it's about time to add it to your vocabulary. The benefits of golden milk is in the powerful spice properties, so give this creamy treat a try.

Raw Chocolate Cherry Ripe Bars

Enjoy this Aussie icon treat in a more delicious and more nutritious form without any baking.

How to Make Vegetable Stock Concentrate

Stop using processed stock to flavor your savory dishes. This is an easy alternative that not only adds great flavor but electrolytes too.

A 10-Minute Healthy Salad

Don't blame lack of time on not eating healthy. You can whip up this salad in less than ten minutes.

Say “Hola” to The Blender Girl’s Green Mojito Smoothie

Try this Green Mojito Smoothie recipe from The Blender Girl. It's a summery wonder, with pineapple, lime, mint and kale.

Roasted Broccoli at its Best

Whoever said they don't like broccoli, hasn't tried this simple way of cooking them! Five on-hand ingredients is all it takes.

A Crazy Cruciferous Salad to Try

Salads are not meant to be boring, especially when you incorporate some uncommon ingredients like the ones in this salad that will help spice it up (literally) and offer more nutrients to take in!