Reboot Profiles

Donnie R. Shocks Doc with Amazing Reboot Results – Reboot Profile


Tiffany Runs Her First 5K and Loses 40 Pounds – Reboot Profile

After posting this, we got an update Tiffany has now lost 60 pounds and is running up to 7 miles at a time! Continued success!

Darrell No Longer Needs His Diabetes Meds – Reboot Profile

Going from diabetic on medication & insulin to getting OFF all medication including insulin and LOSING 64 pounds!

VIDEO: Catalina’s Reboot Success Story

Watch Catalina transform before your eyes in this Reboot success story video!

Steven Conquers Weight Loss, After Trying Since 3rd Grade – Reboot Profile

I have inspired about 50 people and counting to try Rebooting since my 63 pounds weight loss success.

Sherry Loses 61 Lbs with Seasonal Reboots

It was hard giving up foods that I loved at first, but I learned to love fruits and veggies and juice.

Brandon Takes Cue from Dad; Tries a Reboot, Loses 50 lbs.

I am so glad that I gave this Reboot a shot. As a whole, it was awesome!

Karen S. Loses 21 Kilos; Embraces the Motto: “Heal Thyself”

My family cannot believe the difference in me and are so proud of me... But most of all, I am proud of me!

Paul B. loses 51 pounds and inspires 20 others to get started.

I hope to inspire my family and friends to live a great life full of joy and happiness!