Perfect Reboot-Friendly Chili


In our household we love chili! It’s a staple meal for the busy week because it’s easy to make a big batch, is incredibly versatile and simple to pack in loads of flavors and nutrients customized for everyone’s taste preferences. Delicious and nutritious chili recipes are abundant on Reboot with Joe, but this is the […]

Spicy Tomato Juice Recipe

Tomato juice in a glass

If ever I’m completing a Reboot, I have to have a tomato based juice at night. It’s my thing! A savory tomato juice is also great as a meal replacement or late-day snack. And of course, don’t forget brunch! It’s like a guilt-free Bloody Mary. Tomatoes aren’t just a tasty ingredient to incorporate into your […]

In the Reboot Kitchen: Red Hot Juice

Red and Spicy Juice

I love tomato and pepper based juices, especially as a dinner juice. And I LOVE chili. This juice combines those two loves into a dynamo combination of savoury and hot. It’s low in natural sugars and high in flavour and nutrients, and even contains metabolic benefits from the chili. A Japanese study on mice found that taking capsaicin (chili compound) was as effective as exercise when it comes to maintaining body weight.

Seasonal: Chili-Mint Brussels Sprouts

Chili-Mint Brussels Sprouts

This time of year, is great for cooking brussels sprouts. They’re readily available, easy to cook, delicious, and are versatile in terms of sauces, flavors and dressings to serve them with. With the cold weather in the U.S., this spicy and fresh dish is perfect to liven up the sprouts in your fridge.