Kristen J. Overcomes a Mystery Health Issue through Juicing

Kristen J Before and After

Kristen J. 27 years old DAY 1 – 156lbs DAY 60 – 137lbs TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 19lbs I did the entire 60 day Reboot — Here is my story! I had my first doctor’s appointment for a pain I was experiencing in the right side of my abdomen. There was no cause. It was just […]

Kim Takes Charge Of Her Health and Her Body

Kim Before and After

Name – Kim F. Age – 31 Location – Clinton, IL Reboot – 10 Day, Quick Start Reboot Weight Loss – 28.6 lbs HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT REBOOT YOUR LIFE? My husband was at a softball game, I was at home bored and surfing Hulu and I decided to watch it. The next day […]