Kristen J. Overcomes a Mystery Health Issue through Juicing

Kristen J.
27 years old
DAY 1 – 156lbs
DAY 60 – 137lbs

I did the entire 60 day Reboot — Here is my story!

I had my first doctor’s appointment for a pain I was experiencing in the right side of my abdomen. There was no cause. It was just a dull pain that would get worse, then wane, at random times throughout each day.

Three pregnancy tests, two rounds of laxatives, two x-rays, two ultrasounds, three doctors, five blood tests and one CAT scan later, NOBODY IS THE WISER. This was the driving force behind my decision to do the Reboot. I truly believe that my body can heal itself, since nobody else can.

I haven’t had any stomach pain since about day 40, it took a while for it to go away but it DID. I feel like juice is a miracle wonder drug, I’m convinced!

I feel SO good about myself, and I am going to continue this journey! My goal is to continue to have juice for breakfast, then once a month do a ten-day juice run to Reboot my system.

Thanks for the inspiration, this has been such a great journey and I don’t feel like day 60 is the end, I feel like it’s the beginning of this new secret lifestyle I’ve discovered.