Dare To Dream and Create Your Own Success

We live in a time of great choice with many options in front of us, and sometimes we become distracted from what our hearts truly desire. Living life the way you want can be a daunting task, and few of us really take the time to ask ‘What is it that I want in my life?’

The problem is that so many of us strive for success and often find it, but feel unfulfilled when we get there; or we feel fulfilled but never reach our vision of success.

What is it that you want to create for your life? There is no universal version of success. What we often do is judge one another based on our own definition of success, which is limiting for ourselves as well as to those we judge. One person might feel successful if they have a spouse, two kids, a job and own their own home. Another person might feel that success is making $2 million dollars a year; for yet another it might be to have a balanced life or to be a loving and generous person.

Regardless of what you desire, it’s important to understand what your dream is and then identify how you can make it a reality. And remember, spend as much time on the ‘doing’ as on the ‘being’ – find time to create peace and fulfillment inside of yourself as you embark on this journey of creating success and happiness.

Creating Change
Do you often wonder why some people are successful, yet others seem to struggle each day? Perhaps it’s because those who are living their version of success and happiness were committed to finding it. Creating change and letting go of negative patterns that may hinder you living your dreams can be tough without inner reflection on why you hold onto these toxic patterns.

Many people who reach all-time high points in life have embarked on an intense process of self-discovery and change to make their dreams a reality. If you stay stuck in the same routines and patterns, it’s likely that life will stay the same. If you embark upon change and take consistent action toward your dreams, it’s more than likely they will become reality. Even just writing your dreams and goals down gives you more of a chance to succeed than not doing anything.

Getting clear on what you want, taking consistent action, developing and having faith, and continuing to grow and develop will in most cases create a successful life. But pretending to create change by doing an array of courses, lots of reading and finding ways to mask your growth will not create success – it will help you feel like you’re getting there but you won’t create it.

At the Core
You must want to change to succeed. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. The journey is to define ourselves and recognize all of who we are and find our version of truth in our lives. If it’s not working, then let it fall away and step into the unknown, as scary as this can be. A person who wants to create abundance or have a successful life is a person who gives of themselves, is full of love, thinks abundantly, believes there is more than enough for us all, likes to share, and gives and receives freely.

Getting Started
The main place to start is to ask yourself, ‘Am I living from an impoverished mindset? Am I worthy of this job (or whatever your goal is)? Is my heart full of fear and limitation?’ Watch how your thoughts give you the answers to how you create your version of success and happiness and enjoy the ebb and flow that life brings.

Action Plan
Here is a monthly guide focusing on specific actions each week to help you come closer to your dreams, goals and desires. The more you focus on what you want (and not on what you don’t want), your intentions and goals will manifest effortlessly the more energy you put into this. Spare a few minutes to read the lists below and commit to doing one action a day, then observe what happens!

Weekly Plan for Success

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

And finally, re-visit what you wrote in Week One and see how much closer you’ve come to living your dreams – or maybe you’re already there!