The ‘Digestion-Helper’ Juice

I love grapefruit and lemon in my morning juices! This juice combines fruits and vegetables that give your digestive system and your metabolism a little kick-start first thing. Sour tastes are important for good health, they support clear, healthy skin, help to lower our risk for many diseases and health conditions and may even help with weight loss as part of an overall healthy and plant-based diet. Enjoy this sweet and sour drink the next time you want a new juice for your morning routine.

No Fruit, No Problem Juice Recipe

I’m a bit tomato-mad lately, which is a good thing considering Sydney is leading up to one of its hottest summers and the days have been intense, hot and sticky. Tomatoes offer specialized antioxidants which provide the skin with natural sunscreen protection against free radical damage from UV radiation. This helps in the reduction of sun spots, wrinkles and anti-aging.

I just finished a 5-Day Juice Only Reboot to give myself a much needed pep up – it always does the trick. I went to a fabulous farmers’ market and grabbed a few bags of ripe looking tomatoes and attacked my awesome vegetable garden that my husband has been working on this year (see image below!). So this juice is as fresh as it gets, and healthy, light and 100% vegetables.

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Here’s my latest savory juice recipe!

A New Spin on a Winter Root Juice

This juice is tasty, nutrient-packed and loaded with fresh, seasonal fall and winter produce. Celeriac is usually a main ingredient in my soups, but I decided to use it in this juice instead! And it turned out great. Celeriac is slightly sweet, and tastes somewhat like a pineapple, especially when ripe.

Like celery, celeriac is a rich source of electrolytes potassium and some natural sodium. Yes, sodium in this case is a good thing! If you aren’t familiar with celeriac, this is what it looks like when you are shopping at the market.

A Juice that Fights a Cold

Want to keep any winter or summer bugs away? Then drink this juice! It has so much vitamin C at approximately 400 mg per glass!  Lemon, ginger, and the anti-infective powers of turmeric all thrown in together combine for a wonder drink. To really move it up a notch you could  be brave and throw in a garlic clove to really help fight that cold! You can also use this juice to help fight seasonal allergies that may be cropping up at this time of year! Enjoy!

‘Beet’ the Heat Juice

When I’m feeling like my workout made me extra sweaty I love to use juice as a means for helping my body to recover and replenish electrolytes lost while sweating. Red, orange and yellow juices overall provide a good source of electrolytes (mainly potassium and some sodium). Beets in particular are known as a rich source of electrolytes, as one small beet contains about 300 mg of potassium and about 70 mg of sodium.

It’s best to drink electrolyte-rich juices about 1 hour pre-workout as a way to boost electrolytes in the body, but you can also drink them post-workout as a means for replenishing electrolytes lost through sweat.

Sweet Stinging Nettle Juice

I love using herbs in juices for their specialized medicinal actions. Stinging nettle may not be readily available for everyone, but it is so beneficial to your health that if you can get your hands on it, then you’ll want to pick some up. It’s so amazing that it deserves its own juice. Stinging nettle tea, juice, tincture or tablet is prescribed for various health concerns such as eczema, anemia, arthritis, fluid retention, kidney irritation, allergies and asthma. Stinging nettle is also high in minerals so it is very nutritive! You juice this herb as you would mint, basil etc.

Garden Garnish Juice

Parsley is often recognized as the garnish on your dinner plate, but it is so much more than that! It is a popular herb loaded with nutrients like vitamins K, A, C, folate, iron and other minerals such as potassium, copper, calcium and magnesium. Consume more of it to help with excess fluid retention and to receive a healthy does of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.

Cruciferous Carrot Juice

Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussels sprouts) are well known for being super-packed with nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. They contain a compound called isothiocyanate that has been found to contain cancer-protective properties and may help to boost detoxifying enzymes in the liver. This juice is also a source of quercitin in the pear that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Let’s not forget about the carrots! They are a great source of beta carotene, vitamins A and C and great for boosting your immune system.

This juice is tasty with a zesty flavor and makes for a nice meal or snack replacement. To mix it up, add different herbs and spices like cayenne or basil. If you have thyroid issues and are worried about consuming cruciferous vegetables, learn more.