Reboot with joe fully charged

Canada is For Juice Lovers

Canada sure loves their juice, and I love Canada! Here's a look at my week there for the Fully Charged Book Tour.

UK, You Rock

Catch up on photos and social posts from my awesome week in the UK for the second leg of my Reboot with Joe: Fully Charged Book Tour.

14 Events in 11 Cities in 20 Days Complete

Wrapping up my first leg of the Fully Charged Book Tour at Macys! It was the perfect way to finish this first leg that consisted of 20 days and 14 events in 11 cities.

Fun with ‘Fully Charged’ in the Cali Sun

I was in the California sunshine for more Fully Charged Book Tour events. You won't believe how many success stories I met in the crowds! Take a look.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Juice On

Another great weekend for the Fully Charged Book Tour. Check out the highlights from my three events in the state of beautiful Texas.

Sunnies, Books & Palm Trees, Oh My!

What a week I've had in Florida for the Fully Charged Book Tour! Don't miss this exciting and sunshine filled recap.

Fully Charging My Way From NYC To The Big D

Two cities in two days! The Fully Charged Book Tour continued this weekend in NYC and Detroit.

A Look Inside the Fully Charged Launch Party

Joe shares details (and beautiful photos ) of the Fully Charged Book Launch in NYC.