UK, You Rock

I spent last week traveling the UK, from London to Leeds to Sheffield to York to Liverpool to Dublin, for the second leg of my Reboot with Joe: Fully Charged Book Tour. It was an incredible week where the juices were flowing, the weather was gorgeous (which isn’t very typical for the UK), and I met so many wonderful and inspiring people (which is typical for the UK). Thank you to everyone that came out and said hi and bought a book this past week ! I’m back in the states now where I’m about to head out on the third leg of my book tour in Canada on May 4th – 7th then back to the US for more. You can get all the details right here.

For now, I’d love to share a few photos from my travels in the UK! You’ll see some are from my instagram in case you missed them.

Kensington Whole Foods Juice Bar

We had fresh juice and a great turn out!

Joe at Whole Foods

Joe in Front of Made Right Here Sign

Crowd watching Joe Juice

I also stopped in Planet Organic and Lakeland in London for two events — unfortunately, I was at each place so fast that I forgot to take photos! Use your imagination!


This instagram post alone tells you how busy I was, but it was well worth every second.

Here I am meeting Lorraine before going on her show. Pretty cool day!

Lovely to meet you @itvlorraine and thank you for having me on your show!! Juice On!! A photo posted by Joe Cross (@joethejuicer) on


BEATROOT at The Brink A big thanks to the one and only Steve Barney for throwing another great (juice) party where I got to meet up with a full house of over 200 people. This is Steve here on the left — Juice On Steve!  

We also had our Reboot Success Story, Adam Harding-Jones make an appearance. Thanks for coming out Adam. If you haven’t read his story yet, you might want to. Quite inspiring!

Adam Harding Jones

Thanks again for your constant support of Reboot. UK, U ROCK.