Freshmade NYC’s After School Snacks of the Week

Sunflower-Goji Cookies & Warm Milk Shake

With all this cold and blustery weather we are having, we decided to focus on “warming” foods this week.  Did you know that eating certain foods can help keep your body warm?  Check out some of our favorite “warming” foods and snacks that incorporate them!

Freshmade NYC’s After School Snacks of the Week

After School Snacks: Carrot-Squash Muffins and Cough Buster Smoothie

Freshmade NYC warmed the kids’ bellies this week with delicious muffins packed with their favorite orange veggies (carrots and butternut squash) and topped them with a mouthwatering coconut whipped cream. They finished their afternoon by washing the muffins down with a super smoothie. Check out the recipes.

Island Green Smoothie – Recipe of the Week

Island Green Smoothie

Even if it’s not warm and sunny where you are, this tart tropical treat is a refreshing breath of fresh air. This delicious smoothie is packed with important plant based nutrients like potassium and fiber.  A plant-based diet that includes potassium rich foods has been shown to help reduce blood pressure and replenish necessary electrolytes […]