Shane’s Story: “Lean” into Exercise

It’s important to “lean” into exercise. This means taking small effective steps into the world of exercise is far superior and healthier than jumping into an unrealistic workout plan or even deciding to workout for three straight hours once a week. First tip is be aware of your eating habits. I know it sounds simple but it’s crucial to developing a good workout routine. Read more.

7 Ways to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Ever wonder why those first few kilos or pounds easily come off then all of a sudden the weight loss comes to a screeching halt? Check out these 7 helpful tips to help you get past those weight loss plateaus.

The Choice Is Yours…

I recently read an article which highlighted a very interesting concept – “Exercise may make dieting easier”. Now, this might sound intuitive: more exercise results in more weight loss, but the point is more about the mental link between taking positive action for your health and less about actual calories burned. In a nutshell, the […]