The Four Seasons – Veggie Style


Ever since I did my first Reboot 3 ½ years ago, I have become more and more *obsessed* with vegetables. I became a vegetarian… I joined my local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)… I visit farm stands and farmers markets whenever I can… and I take copious photos of fruits & vegetables at every turn. I can’t help it, the colors are so beautiful and the effort that has gone into growing them is not lost on me. So, when I have an opportunity to share these pics with the world, I do so with great pleasure 🙂


As we embark on the New Year – 2012, baby!! I wanted to take a moment to share my favorite veggie images from the 4 seasons of 2011 (and of course, a green juice pic thrown in for good measure)!


























We’d love to see your favourite produce pics too, so get posting!