Gift Guide: Juicer or Blender?

Juices and smoothies are all the rage these days, and for good reason! Both provide an important fundamental base of incorporating both fruit and vegetables into your diet. Despite the differences, there are benefits to each and can be useful in different ways for different people. So if you’re wondering what to get that special someone this holiday – a juicer or a blender – check out this full list of differences.

Top 6 Summertime Sips (Juices & Smoothies!)

In March, we celebrated the ‘7 Juices Perfect for Spring’, but now that it’s officially summer here in the northern hemisphere it’s time to enjoy our favorite fruits and vegetables in the summertime season. And what a better way to enjoy them than in juices and smoothies?! Dive into these top six favorite juices and smoothies for warm weather.

Community Recipe: Orange Sunrise

Community member, Tricia S., shared a winning recipe: The Orange Sunrise Juice. Its beautiful colorful and nutrient-packed properties are sure to brighten your day. Just looking at this juice can enhance your spring-like energizing mood and it goes beyond that. Orange fruits and vegetables can help improve your overall health. Drink up and cheers to your vitality with this bright juice.

In the Reboot Kitchen: Orange Turmeric Juice

In the most recent episode of The Joe Show you see how Joe makes exceptional juices by adding spices, exotic produce and more. Well turmeric is another wonderful spice to add to your juices! It offers a long list of health benefits such as helping infections of the digestive tract, improves liver detoxification, prevention of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease and may help reduce cholesterol levels.