Summer Greens & Peach Juice

Fresh greens are in season right now, and they’re a great addition to any juice or smoothie. This juice has a nice mixture of both mild and bitter greens like arugula and frisee, but is nicely balanced by the sweetness in the peaches and carrots.

Peaches and carrots are a good source of the immune-boosting and antioxidant vitamin C, that also plays a role in collagen development helping to improve the appearance of the skin. Ginger and lemon also have immune-boosting and digestive properties that can help fight summer colds and promote healthy digestion and metabolism.

To mix it up, substitute any in-season summer greens for the arugula and frisee and try subbing other fruits like pears for peaches to provide variety in taste.


  • 1 peach
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 in (2.5 cm) piece of ginger
  • 5 – 6 carrots
  • 1 handful of arugula (rocket)
  • 1 handful of frisee


  1. Wash and prepare ingredients.
  2. Add ingredients through juicer.
  3. Serve and enjoy!

Servings: 1

Serving Size: 16-18 oz (500 ml)