Carrot Pulp Cupcakes

What to do with your leftover carrot juice pulp? Put it to good use making these carrot cake cupcakes that will wow any crowd. These treats are free of refined white sugar and gluten, and full of flavor. You can use fresh juice pulp or freeze it and thaw the carrot pulp when you are […]

Vegetable Juice Pulp Wraps

When your juicing it might seem wasteful to throw away your pulp, but another exciting and delicious way to enjoy your juice pulp in a healthy and Reboot-friendly way is making these vegetable pulp wraps. They are easy to make, taste delicious and a great way to cut down on your starchy carbohydrates. You can […]

Raw Turmeric Veggie Flax Crackers {Made from Juice Pulp!}

Save your veggie juice pulp to make these raw crackers that contain no sugar and are high in omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and come with the added bonus of the wonder spice, turmeric.