Joe’s Journal: Day 59 – My Progress

As I approach day 60, I want to look back on my progress…how much weight I lost and how much my medication decreased. Seeing my progress in a list like this is pretty fascinating. Boy have I come a long way. And it’s only going to get better from here because I am still determined to reach my goal of no medicine, and no more urticaria outbreaks. So here’s how far I’ve come in the past 59 days.

Joe’s Journal: Day 58 – I Could Go for Another 40 Days

Wow, here I am. Two more full days to get through (not counting the rest of today!). It’s crazy to think that 57 days ago today, I was laying in bed, with an aching headache, irritability through the roof, and just flat-out miserable. Now I feel as if I don’t even know that Joe anymore. I feel like I am on top of the world and could just keep juicing to make sure I always feel this way!

Joe’s Journal: Day 56 – Feeling Lighter in More Ways Than One

Now that I touched on Phil’s journey a bit, I’d like to finish these next few days by sharing the last part of my journey. We were back in the car, heading west across the vast deserts and highways of Nevada and nearing the border of California. The air was becoming noticeably warmer, and I was feeling quite a bit lighter in more ways than one.

Joe’s Journal: Day 54 – The Rugby Shirt Challenge

As soon as I got off the phone with Phil I booked my flight to Iowa. I had asked Phil if he would agree to let us film his progress and he’d saaid yes, so when I returned to the United States a few days later, I gathered up the crew and we set out for Sheldon, Iowa. I’d wanted to bring him something that would be meaningful and represent a challenge, so I’d purchased a rugby jersey in the colors of the Australian flag, size 2XL. I guess that Phil was probably closer to a 5 or 6 XL, which was where the challenge would come in: is first goal would be to fit into that shirt.

Joe’s Journal: Day 53 – Making Good on My Promise

Since I’m on the topic of Phil, I’d like to flash forward a few months and give you more details on how him being in the movie came about. Little did I know, one day, nearly six months after my Reboot, I checked the voicemail on my American cell and was startled to hear the voice of Phil Staples, the truck driver from Iowa I’d met in Winslow. Read the full journal entry.

Joe’s Journal: Day 52 – Phil Drinks Juice for the First Time

Meeting Phil warranted a celebration. I invited Phil to join me for a juice. I wanted to show him how I was healing myself because this was also very relevant to him. I fired up the juicer that was rigged up in the back of my car and made us a Mean Green, comprised of kale, ginger, lemon, carrot, apple and celery. I could tell Phil liked it, even though it was a long way from his usual fare. Read the full journal entry.