Joe’s Journal: Day 56 – Feeling Lighter in More Ways Than One

Now that I touched on Phil’s journey a bit, I’d like to finish these next few days by sharing the last part of my journey.

We were back in the car, heading west across the vast deserts and highways of Nevada and nearing the border of California. The air was becoming noticeably warmer, and I was feeling quite a bit lighter in more ways than one. I’d now lost close to seventy pounds and had nearly weaned myself off the Prednisone – I was down to 3 mg. without a single new outbreak of urticaria. Moreover, my state of mind was nothing short of phenomenal. The sun radiated against a brilliant blue backdrop as I drove, the sort of optimistic sky that only exists in the farthest reaches of the American West. I welcomed the warmth and optimism as I prepared for the final day of my Reboot. I’d been doing it for so long that I didn’t quite know how to say goodbye.

My next destination was San Diego, where the plan was to play eighteen holes of golf on the same course that had been the scene of my health disaster nine years before. After that and another adventure I had up my sleeve, I’d rejoin the human race and start eating again.